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Small Unidentified Mummy Remains Found In Russia

This diminutive dwarf-like doll, was discovered in Russia back in 1996, near the southern outskirts of Kyshtym in a village known as Kaolinovy. This village is located in the Chelyabinsk region of Russia.  It is unlike anything else seen before and has left many puzzled, as to what it might be. Whatever it is, the

Unknown Figure Appears Next To Vacationers On Beach

There were three separate photos that were sent to The Crypto Crew, by someone named Bobbi. From what is understood, these photos were taken back on 8/14/16 at Assateague Island Beach, Maryland. Bobbi explained their son’s daycare provider took these interesting photos and shared them before passing away. The photos apparently were posted on Facebook.

Hairy Humanoids Are Lurking The Sewers Below

While people have heard about alligators being in sewers, they may not have heard about hairy humanoids being down there. There are a number of reported encounters of these beastly looking creatures crossing paths with daring explorers, sewer workers and other maintenance crew. Sometimes these folks are known as sewer system and drain cleaning technicians.

Deputies Dashboard Camera Captures Chupacabra In Dewitt County, Texas

Back in 2008, a pair of Dewitt County sheriff’s deputies witnessed something astounding. One of them began to record what is known to be a chupacabra. These cryptozoological creatures, have been talked about for years and have plagued farmers livestock – by killing them and drinking their blood.  Seen in this rare video footage, is