Category: Cryptozoology


The Pope Lick monster of Kentucky

This half-man, half-goat like creature, was seen roaming around back in the later 1800’s near Louisville, Kentucky. (Particularly beneath a Norfolk Southern Railway trestle) It is known as the ‘Pope Lick Monster’, resembling a...


Unicorn spotted in the wild

These majestic animals have been a part of mythology for many years and have even been apart of cinema. They are known as unicorns and appear as a normal horse, except they have a...

Beast on Bray road cryptid

Beast of Bray road

When you travel down the road, you can’t help but be cautious. Mostly people are looking out for other drivers, people crossing the road or something that fell off a truck to watch out...

patternson Bigfoot

The Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot footage

It is one of the most controversial videos of Bigfoot ever. This footage was taken back in October 20th, 1967 capturing what appears to be a large hairy beast walking on two legs. Known...

Enfield monster

The Enfield horror

Some things simply can’t be explained. There are many things which we simply don’t understand, these things are often eerie. There have been been numerous sightings showcasing strange and unusual things each and every...