Farmer Finds Small Alien Creature Inside Of Mexican Barn

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About 11 years ago, in May of 2007, farmers living in Mexico discovered something quite different. Since then, scientists and skeptics alike have pondered over their finding. Whatever this thing is, nobody yet has a definitive answer for it yet. The small sized skeletal remains, are rather unique.

There were four men in total, who claimed to have seen this small creature while it was still alive. It was originally captured by a rat trap, inside of a barn by mere accident. After the creature was killed, the remains were then taken to a lab, where they have since been digitally 3D scanned and examined.

The origination of the captured creature, is fairly straightforward. A ranch hand named Urso Ruíz, would typically set up traps to feed the landowners birds and snakes found from the rat traps. This time however, things were quite different and unexpected.

Small alien creature found in Mexican barn

Out of fear, the ranchers decided to kill the small sized creature. Often humans point and shoot first without thinking about all the angles of their actions. They elected to use a chemical acid compound to kill the creature with. As a side effect, this preserved the creatures corpse by mummifying it quite significantly.

Quite shockingly after this all happened, the ranch owner died in a car fire not long after the story went public. Some believe, that these creatures got their revenge on the man who killed one of them. Perhaps it is merely karma that caught up with them. Regardless of this, the entire incident was quite bizarre.

Baby alien found in Mexico

Being baffled at whatever this thing is, scientists decided to run numerous tests on the remaining corpse. They were both mystified and unable to reach a conclusion to what it actually is. The DNA of this creature isn’t entirely human. This makes this one of the most important findings in human history…which seemed to be quietly swept under the rug.

After these tests were made, the creatures body had characteristics comparable to that of both a lizard and human. Its origination is unknown. Perhaps even, there are more of these in our world roaming around. Could there actually be an alien reptilian species sharing the planet with us?

Marmoset monkey

There is a conspiracy about this small creature, that says in actuality this is a small Marmoset monkey. Is this actual truth or was this merely created to cover up this “alien finding”? According to a test later conducted in December of 2012, a 3D image mapping and advanced imaging technique revealed this was a monkey corpse. If this is true, it is highly disappointing news for a lot of people.

Urso Ruiz monkey or alien small creature

After further investigation, Urso Ruiz, the man who claimed he first found the creature, was convinced to do take a lie detector test. He “admitted to making the creature from a dead Buffy Tufted Marmoset monkey, that was sent to the zoo where he worked. Ruiz placed the creature on the rat trap and told the farmer he had seen it alive.”

There hasn’t been anything else found in our world since, that looks exactly like this. However, there has been a winged fairy specimen, that resembles both the size and some skeletal aspects of this same type of a creature. This also a controversial subject for some people, as some think its real while others do not. You be the judge.

(Source: WereBlog)

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