Wolf-Like Creature Fights Man’s Dog

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This video is believed to be from three years ago in 2015. An enormous creature is seen, after a man’s dog gets closer towards it. Suddenly, what resembles a large-sized timber wolf, gets up off the ground and approaches the man’s pet dog. He can be heard yelling, during the video saying, “Hey!…Hey!…Hey!”

Black Timber Wolf chases mans dog forest

The dog is much smaller than the wolf looking creature. It seems to be startled, as the dog begins barking at it. Speculations have since run wild about this, as people are saying that this animal is that of a Dogman. Although far fetched, werewolf was also used to describe this fantastic looking beast.

At the start of the video, a display reads October 1st, 2015. The location reads USA. Although the beast resembles a monstrous-looking creature, there are documented accounts of larger sized wolves, living within North America. This specimen is an example of this, more than likely.

Black Timber Wolf in Wild

From what is known, this video recently appeared on YouTube on the 11th of June. Comments made so far, include people saying why did this man allowed his dog to get so close to this wolf? Physically, the dog is much larger and would more than likely lay waste to the dog in a fight.

The identity of the man is still unknown and the exact location is a mystery as well. At first, the wolf is seen lunging towards the man’s dog, before backing away. The dog has a pretty loud bark and perhaps confused the wolf before they faced off further into the forest.

Black Timber Wolf chases mans dog into forest

During the start of the video, the man’s dog is heard barking in the background. After this, the camera then focuses around and towards a dark spot resting among the trees. There doesn’t appear to be anyone else around including other animals. In this standoff, both animals appear to keep their distance from one another. It is unknown what happened next, as the video duration is cut short.

One can only imagine what happened next, after the man is heard yelling loudly. This suggests that things didn’t go well for his dog during this encounter. It is all speculation at this point, but some viewers think this is something out of the ordinary. Quite possibly, this animal could be a not-quite-extinct dire wolf of some kind. Apparently, an unusual wolf was killed in Montana back in May. Perhaps a few remaining offspring are lurking in remote areas of the wild.

A few people have mentioned that this isn’t a wolf at all, but that of a pony. Whatever it is, the animal remains a fascinating mystery.

(Source: Coast to Coast AM)

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