Satanic demon magicians exposed

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Demonic forces are at work, throughout the ages of time influences have been made in the form of magic. Ever hear the phrase did you make a deal with the devil? Perhaps some people have actually done this. In particular, it seems that possession has taken place during remarkable stage performances by some of the worlds very best magicians.


Spiritualism stretches in either direction with both positive and negative forces. Many have questioned just how did these great magicians do it? Well, perhaps they had help from something beyond what we dare to understand. Modern day magicians do not grasp the power to perform such feats without the help of such dark powerful forces. What they are dealing with is quite dangerous to them.

While many are looking for harmless fun and entertainment, it is the magicians themselves who are being deceived by demonic forces at work. They are being mind controlled by demons with far better understanding and intelligence.

After all, what we can’t seem to see is there waiting to control them once again. While magicians have power with illusions so do the spirits which seduce the magician. They become addicted to the fame and often fortune that comes along with being such as entertainer.


Often performers like this travel around trying to earn a living at it. Not many of them make it on the big stage and many of them become street performers. Much like those who perform in a circus show. So many stage acts try to shake things up from the norm. However, there are classic feats such as levitation which catches the attention of the masses.

Magicians make great vessels since most of the time they are trying to impress an audience by winning them over with their masterful trickery. These evil spirits take control of the magician and then capture control of their audiences. Sometimes they are referred to as sorcerers. Not all magicians are possessed but there are a number of them who are.

People proclaim that black magic satanists are taking control of the world. This includes politicians, military commanders and bankers among others. We are being manipulated by the very few as they cease control of our lives from different mediums especially in the entertainment industry. Black magic is taking control of our world. What can we do to stop it? There are many conspiracies about this but they all point to mankind being manipulated. These videos bring up some interesting perspectives even the Illuminati has been mentioned.

Kendall Rae gets attacked by a spirit in her sleep
Strange woman at church

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