Crowd Demons Are All Around Us

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Perhaps these are nothing more than anomalies caught on camera. They are known as crowd demons by some people. Sometimes a photo is taken, that looks out of the ordinary. Whatever these things are, they appear more monstrous…often resembling what we think of as a demon. 

Many religious folks, think demons walk among us. They are here to deceive mankind and manipulate people’s very thoughts and feelings.

Ever notice when someone gets really angry or upset? This might be because they are influenced by an entity such as this. The demon may be in disguise around them without their knowledge.

Demon In The Crowd

When an anomaly like this is spotted, it might be a fluke. Some think these type of demons are able to transform themselves to appear like us. Of course this would make spotting or recognizing one among a large crowd, rather difficult. 

Our very human instincts, can even tell us if we come across a bad person. Sometimes, people just rub you the wrong way for whatever reason.

They have problems to overcome in their life or they are being affected by a demonic type force. Even more disturbing is, they might be some kind of demon in disguise.

Typically, these crowd demons will appear in certain places for whatever reason. It is unknown whether or not these demons flock to crowds all of the time. The best guess is probably yes.

This is because they can affect a larger number of people around them. While just theory, they may even target the weakest minded people. These types of personalities are often influenced far easier than others. Perhaps these demons are attracted to the energy, from the people around them.

It is also believed that crowd demons will appear in numbers versus being solo. This photograph shows one standout demon but a number of others might be there as well.

The very location may have something to do with their appearance. Did something happen long ago in this location that summoned forth such a manifestation? They may even have been attracted to the very photographer “posing” for a photo.

This photograph is an example of a demon. It resembles a distorted type form, appearing to bite down on the person in front of them from this angle.

The outline of this demonic figure appears to be sitting among the rest of the audience there. It is unknown where this took place or when but the photo is interesting as the demon stands out for sure.

Of course this could be someone wearing a really elaborate mask right? Maybe, maybe not. 

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