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Woman Snaps Photograph Of Hellhound In The Shadows

While visiting a frequent haunt of hers, a woman named Stephanie Smith was out taking photos of different 19th century architecture in the Roundhay Park area, located in Yorkshire. Little did she soon realize, that she captured something rather unusual with her camera. It wasn’t until later (when she looked back at her photos) that

Demonic Force Controls Restless Christian During The Night

It was late at night, when this person could no longer fall asleep. Something it seems was keeping them awake. A Reddit user shared their experience, mentioning when they were around 16-17 years old, they suddenly woke up and sensed that something was very wrong. Whatever this was, it was in the room with them.

Russian Reptilian Children Shapeshift Alongside President Putin

Seen in a demonstrative video, are children standing next to Vladimir Putin. Everything seems fairly typical during this outing, until a few of the children begin to shapeshift during the video. The entire video makes you wonder. Likely this is some kind of camera glitch or is it? One comment was made: “C’mon guys, you’re

Canadian Couple Crosses Paths With Weird Demons In The Wild

A couple experienced something quite extraordinary not far from Port Renfrew, British Columbia. The location is roughly about a 10 minute drive and is near the end of the Juan de Fuca river. Both of them were here before and it was a place they enjoyed going to. There is camping nearby, yet there is

Demon Possessed Woman Rides To Hospital, Says She Is Going To Hell

After being transported by an ambulance on a stretcher, a woman was recorded saying she is going to hell. She is seen on video, rolling her eyes around…meanwhile lurching back and forth. Some think she had some kind of mental illness, while others think something else was responsible for her behavior. This Spanish woman known