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Twisted sisters

Twisted secrets between sisters

As with most stories about siblings, they tend to either get along either very well or not much at all. Rarely, there is a balance of both. Several sisters grew up together and along...

Strange demon photographed in the dark

Strange demon photographed in the dark

Not much is known about these unusual photos, which seem to show a demonic looking being seemingly crawling out of the pits of Hell. At first glance, it almost appears to be taken at...

Siriol Frost-Cartwright demonic story

Demonic encounter at an abandoned house

A young woman named Siriol Frost-Cartwright, shares her uncles incredible demonic encounter—while he spent time at a remote abandoned house during June of 1975. This story has such an unusual premise about it, one...

Demon photographed in Arizona

Demon photographed in Arizona

What appears to be a demon, is seen walking the streets. The image has since gone viral from Facebook. This apparently took place recently in Phoenix, Arizona. The dark fiend is seen with wings...