Russian Reptilian Children Shapeshift Alongside President Putin

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Seen in a demonstrative video, are children standing next to Vladimir Putin. Everything seems fairly typical during this outing, until a few of the children begin to shapeshift during the video. The entire video makes you wonder. Likely this is some kind of camera glitch or is it?

One comment was made:

“C’mon guys, you’re smarter than that!! The kid CLEARLY freaking MORPHED right in front of your eyes, I’m talkin entire face CHANGED!! And you’re telling me that’s ‘pixelation’!? The kids entire face and head shape changed!!”

Many world leaders among their staff, are believed to be alien reptilians. Quite possibly, these are not aliens but demons instead. Regardless, they have seamlessly integrated into our society – even being able to manipulate us from right under our noses.

There are numerous conspiracy type videos and articles talking about shapeshifters, who are of reptile type formation. These living reptile beings, are thought to have existed before mankind living underneath us in hidden locations from around the globe.

It has been mentioned, that President Putin has been a part of this conspiracy. Quite possibly, he along with others are being advised by a reptilian type species. They are the ones that are in control of our world, not humans. Another alien species known as the Nordics, have also been in collusion with various world leaders. Putin himself, has made some kind of deal with these Nordic alien species. The technology along with other advancements, has put Russia on the forefront as a domineering world power.  

This is another comment which was made:

“They are under heavy demonic influence and they are probably possessed as well. This has nothing to do with aliens or lizards, this is demonic, their appearances are clearly proving this. And no, I usually never see anything remotely like this on any videos, low quality or not. Ignorance is a choice, just like informing yourself. And ignorance is not bliss, that’s just ignorant.”

The video was labeled as: “Reptilian/Djinn Shapeshifter Russia”. Another theory is, these are not reptilians but that of djinn. These are supernatural type creatures, that emerged during early pre-Islamic Arabian and later Islamic mythology and theology. The terminology is more of a broad based term, that signifies either that of spirits or demons.

The young girl seen along with the boy in the video, both appear to be morphing during the duration of the video. Even Putin himself, appears to be glitched or changed during this bizarre video segment. In conclusion, this is either a major video glitch or something unusual was captured. The video was made during a Orthodox Christmas Russia-Ukraine celebration.

Even without the conspiracies surrounding this video, the children do appear quite strange seen in the original video footage. The young girl seen, seems to have dark slits in her eyes and the boy behind her, looks to be possessed by something or someone. All of this is rather weird indeed.

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