Witch Coven Seeks Human Sacrifice For Blood Ritual

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While there are good witches in the world, there are bad ones. Someone posted their concerns online, after learning that their friend would likely be used as a sacrifice of sorts. Reaching out for answers, they received suggestions such as getting them some kind of psychiatric help.

Allegedly, this friend is far too deep into this cult and believes what they want and do. Similarly, those seeking priesthood, follow different hierarchies themselves when it comes to control, power and influence. Most of the time, these individuals are the leaders or figureheads of such an organization until a successor comes along. Witches believe that at some point, the periodic death of the coven leader would still be in demand.

Witch Coven Seeks Human Sacrifice For Blood Ritual

It is unknown just how far this person’s friend is involved with this coven but they might have been chosen for other reasons altogether. A magical sacrifice, would likely renew the power for the rest of the coven. This might be part of a cleansing, used by primitive societies and their past beliefs.

This anonymous person, explained that they themself have always been interested in magick for years. They discovered practices of mysticism and the occult and were hooked on it. Perhaps for them, this was some kind of self discovery of sorts. Through the use of psychedelic drugs, both of them had visions which included the tree of life (Kabbalah), visions of Ba’al and sigil work amongst other things.

At first, they were into it all of this, they were inspired and one of them were convinced they were the reincarnation of Aleister Crowley (an English occultist, ceremonial magician, poet, painter, novelist, and mountaineer). This person believed that they were actually able to manipulate and control their friend and the other people in their town. Not long after, their sanity came into question by their friend.

This person’s good friend, seems to be apart of some kind of neo-wiccan coven. They went on to explain, that they were going to die this upcoming year and explained none of this would be either of their faults. There was a bizarre sense of reassurance but the thinking was really far out there. It seems as if there is nothing they could do, to stop their friend from becoming a sacrifice for something likely to be evil.

Carved witch in tree

Fed up with the idea that their friend might die, this person pressured them for more information. They explained that the coven they were in was divined and they would end up dying sometime this year. This continued for a few months and this person’s friend – explained they would do everything in their power to stop it this from happening.

However, the other friend is concerned for their safety and what might happen to them. It is entirely possible that this coven was mere testing his loyalty and that they will not die in reality. All of this is speculation and the concern friend reached out for help online from others, in what it is they should do. Perhaps this person can escape the clutches of this coven and follow a different path altogether. There is no update yet to what happened yet.

(Source: Reddit)

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