Category: Demons

blonde woman

Strange woman at church

It was the weirdest experience for this woman who went to church with her young daughter. They live in a small town. Nothing out of the ordinary really happens here, but this day a...

Latoya and Rosa Campbell

The exorcism of Latoya Ammons

Her name is Latoya Ammons and what she experienced was something that will haunt her the rest of her days. Little did she know she moved into the “demon house” located on Carolina Street...

Peru Possesion

Mass demonic outbreak in Peru

Rather strange and disturbing footage was recorded recently. What is seen shows Peruvian children who were fainting, vomiting and convulsing at and around a school known as Elsa Flores School located in northern Peru....

Baby Harper Lewis

Demon watches over unborn baby

Strange things can occur during a pregnancy. Every expecting mother wants their child to be healthy. Fathers worry equally as well. Having a happy family is what many people strive for. Unfortunately for this...


Sex with a succubus

There are several kinds of spiritual phenomena the first is objective phenomena when spirits cause things to happen. A personal observation of moving objects such as furniture moving by itself, noises being heard and...