Unseen dark force attacks man on camera outside of pub

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Dark force attacks man outside pub

Perhaps this is one of the most unusual videos seen yet. A man wanders outside of what appears to be a pub of some sort, talking on his cell phone. He then suddenly gets pulled down to the ground, by an invisible unseen force. It happens fast and the man simply cannot react in time. He then falls fast into a puddle of water on this fateful night.

The entire event was recorded by a CCTV camera on 9/14/15. It simply cannot be explained, other than being some sort of paranormal moment that was captured. Whether or not it is real, remains unseen. Either way, it is interesting to watch. The mans phone, slides across the pavement—as his legs appear to be grabbed by something. If you look carefully, there even appears to be impressions on his pant legs.

Dark force attacks man outside pub exit

The man frantically waves his arms around, trying to maintain his balance but he can’t keep up with whatever is dragging him down seen in the video. What happens next, is an attempt to help him. Another man rushes over quickly. Moments later, he falls backwards and runs back into the pub. After this, the other man returns trying to help him, only to run again…as the man on the ground is thrown towards him rather brutally. Dark cloudy smoke can be seen momentarily around the body of the man being thrown.

Dark force throws man outside pub

Where all of this took place is unknown, however it was dark and obviously had rained earlier that day. According to Rick from looknowtv and their YouTube channel, this is some sort of poltergeist that was responsible for this. What makes the video questionable, is when the dark cloaked figure leaves the building—only moments later after the men are inside. Rick also mentioned, that the playback of the video was set faster to lap some of the time that simply passed by.

It is unknown what kind of force did this. If it is some sort of spirit, then it has incredible strength to hurl the man back through the pub door exit like that. This appears to be more demonic in nature by the physicality that was seen in the video.

dark force attacks man on camera

One assumption is, this man had wronged someone. One can assume witchcraft or other dark magics could be responsible for this. Something vengeful could have been summoned through a ritual of sorts. Perhaps he dated a vengeful dark witch unknowingly to him. If it was demonic by nature, it may be a servant of something far more evil.

Whatever left the pub towards the end of the video (that was dressed in a long dark cloak) may be responsible for this encounter. At the end, this dark cloaked figured wanders off as the camera flickers ever so slightly.

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