Boys near death experience exposes hidden alien demon agenda

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Aliens are demons

Many people believe that aliens exist. However, what if the aliens were in fact demons in disguise? This is what one young boy told his mother, before passing away once he reached 13 years old.

The boy talked about Earth’s ultimate future, he mentioned that a world war will wage first between mankind. His mother Giovanna continued to highlight different details about her boy’s incredible experiences. She states that one day, she will see him again in Heaven.

What her son was able to see, was the first day of reckoning—when an evil group of demons will actually consume humanity one by one. People will actually be eaten, by an invading groups of demonic forces first proclaimed to be extraterrestrials.

Jeremy at hospital

The boys name is Jeremy and his mother explains what he witnessed—before he first fell into coma at age 10. It was believed that Jeremy wasn’t going to live on, but he did for a while. Doctors first thought, essentially Jeremy was going to be a human vegetable after his brain was deprived of oxygen for so long. However, after Jeremy’s tragic drowning accident, he recovered quite incredibly.

It was indeed quite a miracle that Jeremy woke up, after being declared dead 40 minutes earlier. Fortunately during this time, Jeremy didn’t suffer any apparent brain damage after being brought back to life. The doctors kept him on life support for 5 days. Unfortunately, he would die 3 years later from the trauma both his heart and lungs took from the drowning accident.

Hand of Jesus


The boy went on to explain from his dream, that when he was drowning a “rock n’roll dude” reached out for him, wearing a long robe wrapped with a golden waist band. The man had long hair and a beard as well. The boy thought it was Jesus he told his mother.

At the same time, on another side of him in the water—a black hole opened up and an ugly creature came out trying to get him. Something sinister lurked beneath Jeremy underwater. Jesus instructed him to kick this vile creature away with his feet and to strike him in the teeth. After this, the creature retreated back into its hole.

Then the hole closed up. Jesus said, he knew his mother and that he was going to take Jeremy to another place somewhere safe. After Jeremy grabbed the hand of Jesus, he went on to fly into the air higher and higher as they flew past the clouds and into outer space. They continued far past everything including other planets until they reached a rather wondrous place.

It appeared to be that of a crystallized city that Jesus took Jeremy to. The streets were paved with gold, people seemed to be extraordinarily happy and friendly. Everyone around him felt like family. All of the colors were far more beautiful than they are on Earth. There were so many babies here Jeremy said.

He couldn’t understand why there were so many. Workers there were taking care of these babies, they were all good, safe and loved after having been aborted. Jeremy also explained that your mind in Heaven, gave you powers of transformation.

You could do many things much like Jesus can do. Jeremy also could see the future and how his brother would choose the wrong side in life by joining the army. His brother Daniel, later changes his ways and understands he is on the wrong side of things. Jeremy said his mother Giovanna from this point before the war, will already be in Heaven before all of this happens.

From this conversation with his mother, Jeremy explained something bad and evil is coming and that the war will wage on from Satan’s army. The threat will be the war of the alien demons invading Earth is serious and that people must be prepared. Giovanna’s last statement was, you must ask God into your heart and for forgiveness. Perhaps another future will transpire, from what has been learned after all just maybe mankind has a chance still.

(Watch these videos where Jeremy’s story begins)

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