The lost city of Atlantis rests under Antarctica

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Atlantis lost

The city people have been searching for throughout the ages, may well exist deep beneath the ice terrain of Antarctica. It is believed that the lost city of Atlantis rests a mile under the ice there. The first known story about Atlantis was documented by Greek scholar Plato.

His writings point to this mysterious city and civilization which is believed to have been a part of history. There are many theories about Atlantis and what it may indeed look like. Different artistic interpretations have been made rendering some rather interesting concepts.

The native Americans have legends about an ancient civilization which existed. The area is known as Aztlan, located in the south described as a “place of whiteness”. The history about this ancient place described it being lost from a natural occurrence. The suggestion is that Aztlan may well be the lost city of Atlantis. Once before, Atlantis was a place of lush vegetation and life before it was lost.

lost Atlantis

A man named Charles Hapgood mentioned a particular theory about this. He believed that Earth then was changed by a crustal displacement. What happened in theory, is that the outer layer of Earth moved quite rapidly shifting things a great distance upwards of several thousand miles.

The final result moved Atlantis towards Antarctica. Further investigations conducted by that of a Dr. W.D. Urry from Washington DC mentioned there were fine deposits found comparable what might be inside a river.

The 6,000 year old map made by French mathematician and cartographer Orontius Finaeus, displayed how the world had changed and formed. The actual location of Atlantis, is believed to be between the equator and the south pole. The map by Orontius Finaeus was first published back in 1951. This map shows different river coastlines, valleys and the location of the South Pole. Longitudinal coordinates were also used.

Atlantis lost ruins

Because of this geographical movement, Atlantis could actually thrive—as temperatures in the climate would be inhabitable for people and wildlife (before it disappeared beneath the ice waters). It was believed that these crustal displacements would occur around every 40,000 years. Because of this, entire continents have been moved to different locations around the Earth. Researchers belief the last occurrence happened sum 10,000 years ago.

Today Antarctica is covered with a thick layer if ice. One can only imagine what might be below the ice after it melts. There is already so much speculation happening in Antarctica with a believed alien presence among other undiscovered lifeforms. Atlantis was a civilization of advancement and it is believed that extraterrestrial life assisted them in the creation of their original colony. There are rather large pyramids which have already been discovered in Antarctica found HERE.

(Source: Disclose TV)

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