Demonic encounter at an abandoned house

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Siriol Frost-Cartwright shares her demonic story

A young woman named Siriol Frost-Cartwright, shares her uncles incredible demonic encounter—while he spent time at a remote abandoned house during June of 1975. This story has such an unusual premise about it, one can question whether or not it really happened. It is however rather interesting, as she talks about this encounter in her video.

Her uncle Chris is very close to her and she considers him to be like a second father to her. While she appears to be rattled, she then goes into further detail about her uncles experience that happened all those years ago. Her uncle ran away from home, when he was 16 years old—becoming that of a vagabond for a while. Where he ended up during this time, was in Fremont, California. This area is located in Alameda County, California with a population of around 225,000 people who call this place home.

While her uncle Chris was wandering around, he initially came across what looked like an orchard. Wandering past the orchard, he then came across a run-down abandoned home which appeared to be rather debilitated. During this time, her uncle didn’t have much money and decided to take his chance here. This initially seemed like a good idea, as he would have both food from the orchard and shelter from the abandoned home. This however proved to be a mistake later.

Siriol Frost-Cartwright demonic storytime

Inside the run-down home, was a chest and a bed in one of the rooms. The size of the building was rather small however there was a kitchen area as well. Her uncle Chris had his dog with him and one night the dog started acting rather strange. Animals usually are more perceptive towards paranormal entities, with their enhanced sense of smell, sight, and energies as she mentions.

At first, her uncle thought maybe some sort of animal was nearby—but this wasn’t the case at all. This continued for several more nights, as the dog then would cower in the corner of the room. After several weeks staying at the abandoned house, her uncle woke up after hearing screams one night—which sent a chill down his spine. It sounded like the voice of a man, only it wasn’t.

Chris then heard obscenities from whatever this was. This continued for a few more nights and thereafter he felt like he was being watched. He believed that whatever it was, it wasn’t something good but rather evil by nature. Another night had passed and on this evening—he watched as a dark mass slowly creep ed across the floor.

This dark mass then hovered above him. After this, her uncle felt like his energy was being drained and a sense of dread overwhelmed him. He felt depression and terror afterwards. The dog continued to freak out while this was all happening. The bed began to shake, her uncle thought that an earthquake was then happening but it was something else going on entirely.

Siriol Frost-Cartwright demonic story

Only the bed was moving and nothing else within the room. He then turned towards the window, noticing what appeared to be a man standing looking back at him. The man appeared to have blood covered on his face, with a look of endless rage as he gazed back at her uncle.

Her uncle Chris decides to get up and wander outside, turning across the porch where the man stood only nobody was there. Inside the closet floor of the bedroom, was a pool of blood that never dried out the entire time he was there. It remained wet and during certain hours there was a distinctive smell which perpetuated throughout the house, it would then dissipate after a while.

The smell was strong like death itself. His thoughts about the smell was either a pipe was broken and leaking or a dead animal was rotting nearby. Later, his brother arrived at the location along with their friends. When they opened up the closet where the blood was, they noticed it had a pull-down ladder leading to the attic above.

As Chris glanced up, the face of a disembodied man was starring back at him. It then swooped down screaming at him. As Chris began to run away, he was then thrown through a nearby window. He had glass in his face and was bloodied up.

Burning fire

The other guys ran fast and far away. He knew this thing was something evil. Perhaps something had happened at this property from years ago and now it was fixated on him. Whatever it was, it wasn’t human after all. Later Jay, one of the men decided to burn the home to the ground. As the building began burning into flames, Chris watched as a strange ball of energy shot out from the top. This experience was something he will never forget.

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