Malaysian demonic presence kills 3 people on bus and terrifies school

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Ghostly demonic presence at Malaysian bus accident

What appears to be something from out of a horror film, is seen standing in the shadows near a bus accident in Malaysia. Whatever this thing is, it doesn’t look human. Speculation is, this is some sort of spooky spectre. However, it appears to be more demonic by nature with its formation. Some think it is a mountain gorilla seen hidden nearby the accident scene.

Unfortunately, this bus crash was fatal to those inside. Apparently, it claimed the lives of three people. The details are rather sketchy. Where exactly this happened and when is still not answered yet. But assumed to have happened sometime last year back in 2016.

Ghostly demon at Malaysian bus accident under bridge

When the photographer checked the photographs they snapped at the scene, they noticed a rather unusual figure peering from underneath the small bridge nearby. It can also be seen behind one of the rescue workers. Some are saying, this demonic entity is seen cracking a rather sinister smile. This fiend has an expression on its face, like it was responsible for the accident. This is mere speculation, although it does seem to be a rather creepy thought.

Sometime last year, around one hundred students mentioned they witnessed an identical figure resembling the one seen in the photograph. They had seen it within the corridors of the Kota Bharu school back on April 11th, 2016 of last year. Authorities have since tried to piece together any clues or further evidence about these situations.

Malaysian mysterious figure at school

Out of desperation, representatives from the school—have asked anyone to come forward with any evidence about this collective hysteria, which happened that day. From what is known, there were a number of teachers—who also witnessed this paranormal demonic presence at the school grounds. Norlailawati Ramli, a teacher, said she was among the people affected.

Another teacher, Kamariah Ibrahim, she said also saw this black figure. The school was later closed that same day. Since this happened, both incidents have sparked interest on social media. Perhaps someone out there has further information about either of these sightings.

Demonic forces have been known to intervene with peoples lives. For whatever reason, other than to disrupt them. Things such as this often appear on the nightly news, but are disguised as other type of incidents. Many things are simply covered up, which would otherwise send people into a mass pandemonium.

To keep things under control, only a few selected individuals know the real truth of things. Perhaps one day they will come forward with further information about incidents such as this. Until then, we must wait and wonder.

(Source: Top 5’s UK and The Telegraph 

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