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Peru Possesion

Mass demonic outbreak in Peru

Rather strange and disturbing footage was recorded recently. What is seen shows Peruvian children who were fainting, vomiting and convulsing at and around a school known as Elsa Flores School located in northern Peru. These children are believed to have been possessed by forces beyond...

Baby Harper Lewis

Demon watches over unborn baby

Strange things can occur during a pregnancy. Every expecting mother wants their child to be healthy. Fathers worry equally as well. Having a happy family is what many people strive for. Unfortunately for this expecting mother, a shocking revelation occurred when she looked at her...


Sex with a succubus

There are several kinds of spiritual phenomena the first is objective phenomena when spirits cause things to happen. A personal observation of moving objects such as furniture moving by itself, noises being heard and electrical devices turning on and off etc. The second type is...

Shadowy figure

Shadowy fiend found

A place with a disturbing past can lead to things going bump in the night. Sometimes trapped souls can’t move forward or a person or place becomes a vessel for evil to manifest itself. It usually isn’t a persons fault for this, but a haunted...

3406 Brownville Road night

The Demon of Brownsville Road

In the hub of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania known as Allegheny County exists the borough Brentwood. It is here where unimaginable terror would reign. A book has been written by Bob Cranmer who lived and experienced the persecution by a demonic force. Whatever this thing was, it...