Alien expert says we are sharing Earth with a new species of humans

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Her name is Alexis Brooks and she stated that humans are in fact not alone here on Earth. An interview took place between Alexis Brooks and Mary Rodwell, who is an author, ufologist and hypnotherapist. Mary mentioned, that to date, we are sharing our world with a new species of humans.

Mary Rodwell and Alexis Brook

This new species of humans, have superior cognitive type abilities as well. Some of the people that go missing each and every year, are believed to be people abducted and used for specific alien experimentation’s. They have been upgraded Mary said.

“They have the ability to think and reason way above the curve. The children had a lot of more conscious awareness of multi-dimensional experiences. While their parents were afraid of the experience relayed by the children, the children spoke naturally of their experiences.”

alien human hybrid

From numerous regression therapy sessions, Mary Rodwell has been able to tap into the psyche of some alien abductees. From her understanding, she believes that there is a new breed of homosapians that are ready to emerge, if they haven’t already.

It seems that younger children, are claiming to be aliens as well. Perhaps there are specific reasons for this, due to their young age and what their body can withstand from these experimentation’s.

Mary went on to say, that syndromes such as Asperger’s and ADHD might be the direct result of some kind of genetic manipulation. Using highly developed technology, these aliens are able to study and advance more than anything that humanity knows of currently.

The genetic manipulation, is ultimately changing people even from an early age. If this is the case, then the leftover “junk” DNA in our genome, may well serve functions with never bothered to understand or study further. As time has passed, humans have learned more about our genetic makeup, but there is still so much left to learn.

How far our existence traces back are merely theories and based upon ancient documents that have been passed down through time. Even with modern science, we still don’t know answers to many questions. Many things are simply still misunderstood.

Our world will be a new one, layered with a new breed of human beings. Perhaps even with technology being a part of them. Certainly, it will be a brave new world for all completely different than what we know now. Humans remain greedy and violent, maybe on the future Earth, it will be a much more peaceful one.

(Source: UFOHOLIC)

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