Demonic force takes control of Hillary Clinton

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She is certainly in the spotlight, what exactly she is remains unseen until now. There are only so many more steps left for her to become the leader of the United States of America. She is shrouded by secrets and secrecy. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton was once The First Lady, A Senator and The Secretary of State.

She is 67 years old and has maintained a political career which has lasted for many years. Her husband Bill Clinton was once the President of the United States. They have been together for 40 years. They have one daughter Chelsea Clinton age 36 who has two children.

There is a video which has been floating around the internet, it shows Hillary during an interview, she seems fairly normal, until one camera captures what appears to be a demonic force taking control of her. What was captured in this video footage shows Hillary Clinton either suffering from a momentary stroke or perhaps something more sinister is at play here.

Hillary eyes

Could Hillary actually be possessed by a demonic force? There are certain moments where she displays erratic behavior demonstrating something isn’t right with her health. Perhaps from the long campaign trail things are catching up to her. She has certainly had her share of controversy with numerous scandals surrounding her.

Hillary eyes closed

These photos are from several camera angles during this interview. From the far right side camera her eyes appear very normal. However, when the second camera off to the left side cuts over to her, she has an uncontrollable seizure type moment. Some will argue she simply was joking around playfully. Sure this could be true, yet it doesn’t explain the black eyes she is seen to have during these few brief moments.

Hillary Clinton Eyes

Most people will automatically dismiss this and laugh it off—but there have been other moments where Hillary seems to experience a brief out of body experience (like something is taking control of her). Her eyes are similar in appearance to that of black-eyed children.

Hillarys eyes zoomed in

These children have deep soulless black eyes which peer into the darkness. One can ponder whether or not Hillary was once a black-eyed child maybe she is something more. Greater powers are certainly at work here and these forces are not to be reckoned with. There is a reason why Senator Sanders was pushed out of the picture, there are people and/or things controlling this election. It’s time for people to start seeing the real truth of things. Take a look for yourself. For those interested, read more about Hillary HERE.

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