Mass demonic outbreak in Peru

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Rather strange and disturbing footage was recorded recently. What is seen shows Peruvian children who were fainting, vomiting and convulsing at and around a school known as Elsa Flores School located in northern Peru. These children are believed to have been possessed by forces beyond comprehension. Whatever they were suffering from, it is believed to be something supernatural.

It is also believed that all of these children were affected by the same mass hysteria. It seems like they were being controlled in some way. Their behavior patterns were certainly not normal by any means. A reported 80 children seemed to be acting out emotionally and even violently all upon the same day.

Many so called experts, mentioned that this area was reportedly built on a Mafia graveyard. Would this explain the outrage these children displayed? A theory of them being controlled by the fallen spirits in this area is one scenario that could be likely.

Peru Possesion

A number of locals in the area do belief something else was at work here. They believe that the Peruvian children were telling the truth of things. Later many of them were interviewed and mentioned seeing visions of a man in black trying to kill them. They described this man as something unworldly, he certainly wasn’t human they claimed.

This disturbing video footage captures the mass hysteria these children displayed at the Elsa Flores School in northern Peru’s Tarapoto in April this year. Most of the children at this school are between ages 11 to 14.

A Doctor Antony Choy interviewed with Panamericana television and said: “We don’t understand how this has kept going on. We know it started on April 29th and now it is still happening. Now as many as 80 pupils are still affected”.

One mother (Elsa de Pizango) was deeply concerned mentioning her daughter experienced many of the symptoms. She fainted, frothed at the mouth and was convulsing. When she spoke with her mother, she told her it was a tall man dressed in black. He had a beard and it felt like he was strangling her. (she reached for her neck) Most of her friends told her daughter later that she acted so strangely. She screamed saying “Take it out” however Elsa’s daughter doesn’t remember much else.

peru girl carried

Another girl at the school age 13, said she was sitting inside her classroom when all of a sudden several of the other children dropped to the floor fainting. The man in black was mentioned again, he wanted to get the children she said including her.

Franklin Steiner is a specialist and as a parapsychologist, they investigate paranormal phenomena. After discussion, they said many years ago in this area there were victims of terrorism. When the school was built—a number of bones from the dead were found during construction. Perhaps the restless spirits were involved with this incident.

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