The exorcism of Latoya Ammons

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demon house

Her name is Latoya Ammons and what she experienced was something that will haunt her the rest of her days. Little did she know she moved into the “demon house” located on Carolina Street in Indianapolis, Indiana. Since her story was posted back in January of 2014—the house has since been destroyed. It was bought by claim to fame ghost hunter himself Zak Bagans. (Zak is known from the paranormal drama television series Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel)

house destroyed

Before this house was destroyed, Latoya lived there and led a fairly normal life, until one day things changed rather dramatically for her. It was only after an exorcism of evil was performed she felt some sense of comfort from whatever demonic entities which here lingering behind. Photos were taken showing something resembling either a spirit or some sort of demon in the window. This still is puzzling to see.

Demon in window

The year was 2011 in the month of December, when swarms of black flies flew into their screened-in porch. It was rather strange as the climate was so cold this time of the year. Usually flies are around in the spring and summer months. They kept killing these flies yet they continued to come back. Latoya mentioned this and also remembered how they kept killing all these flies over and over again.

More odd things happened such as footsteps climbing the stairs, creaks at the door and noises coming from the kitchen. Something such as this isn’t normal by any means. One night Latoya witnessed a shadowy figure moving in her living room. It didn’t stop there for her—as her 12 year old was levitating above the bed unconscious.

Latoya and Rosa Campbell

Latoya claimed that she was possessed by demonic forces. She had a then 9 year old son, who incredibly was able to walk backwards even scaling up walls. There were several witnesses to this including a hospital nurse and a family case worker.

Also on the scene, was a police captain named Gary Charles, he mentioned this was one of the strangest stories he ever heard. He was skeptical and thought this was some sort of scheme to make money. It was only when he actually went into the home he experienced some kind of paranormal energy which made him a believer as well.


This particular case file was certainly one of the most unusual ones ever handled by the Department of Child Services. A record of well over 800 pages was documented officially. This bizarre case included a dozen different interviews which took place. Some of those involved included psychologists, family and even a Catholic priest.

With all the investigations by both medical and psychological officials, police continued looking for answers. Wavering the records to not include the names of her children, she signed releases to the media and to public officials—declaring them not to use her children s identity in her story. She turned to her faith in the Lord thy God to overcome this grim darkness she had been experiencing. The family has since moved away but took this experience with them along the way.

Strange woman at church
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