Strange woman at church

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It was the weirdest experience for this woman who went to church with her young daughter. They live in a small town. Nothing out of the ordinary really happens here, but this day a most bizarre encountered happened. This lady who was in her 30′s had a young daughter age 6. They were attending a church, which they have been going to for quite some time. It was her job to clean the auditorium out for the next worship service.

She was using a vacuum which was running rather loudly. Her daughter came over to her suddenly and told her there was a lady at the front door. This church was upscale and even had an electronic lock on the doors which also happen to be on timers. It can only be opened from the inside without a key. This young women wondered, if someone who worked there needed to get in. Perhaps it was the preacher’s wife. Being rather friendly with her personality she decided to let this lady inside.

She went over into the vestibule (an area surrounding the exterior door) and noticed this lady standing at the doorway just barely inside with her feet. The lady felt a strange sensation come over her, this woman standing at the door was looking down at her hands, she was dressed in a 1940′s outfit and was wearing brown tights with clog style shoes on.

blonde woman

Her hair was blond and rather long. Her skin was quite pale more so than usual. The mother turned to her daughter and was trembling with fear. Her motherly instinct was to run past her taking her daughter into her arms. One rather odd thing was this woman continued to keep her head down not making any eye contact when she spoke to her. It started to freak this lady out. She stood in a rather awkward position which was not normal by any means. This continued to build a layer of fear in the air.

The lady leaned down and told her daughter to continue playing in the nursery. Once the little girl left, she gestured where the phone was located in the office. She then watched as the woman slowly looked upon her. She noticed this woman had very unusual eyes, they were pitch black and not human. This stranger standing near her was something else, it wasn’t right and the situation made this young mother nervous even more so.

small town

She led the woman to the office, quickly afterward making a call her husband on her cell phone, they only lived about 10 minutes away from the church so he was on his way quickly. The church was brightly lit so seeing around wasn’t an issue. The woman seemed to glide across the floor, this is where the mother questioned what she actually had seen.

She decided to get to the nursery where her daughter was, this stranger in the church may not even be human and it was playing with her mind. Perhaps this woman simply needed help and she wanted to just use the phone, it didn’t feel comfortable for both her and her daughter to be there with her.

The strange woman went back to the vestibule standing by the office door and was now staring at her feet. She looks up when the mother walked in and asks, “Can you take me downstairs I am thirsty.” There was absolutely no way that she was going downstairs with her. She then pointed to the water fountain by the doorway the woman said, “Thanks dear.”

Being only about 2 feet from this strange woman’s face she told her firmly, “I know what you are and you need to leave NOW.” The woman then stared at her for a minute and smirked with a rather wicked grin on her face, she then slowly turned walking away outside the church into the woods afterward disappearing into the forest.

The mother was confused and couldn’t believe what she just encountered. Was this some kind of ghoul? Or, maybe it was a demon. Whatever it was, it surely wasn’t human according to her testimony. Minutes later her husband shows up as she explains what happened to him. Her husband searched the area without finding this strange woman anywhere. The lady decided she will never work at the church alone ever again.

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