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Mansion Declared Legally Haunted Now On Sale For $1.9 Million Dollars

If someone wealthy out there is interested in the paranormal and getting closer to it, then they have the chance to purchase a mansion valued at $1.9 million dollars. Allegedly, this location is haunted by spirits from the Revolutionary War. 

Legal Haunted Home 1.9 Million

Whether or not this is a gimmick is unknown, but the 4628-square-foot mansion went up on sale back in October of this year. A fitting haunted surprise for Halloween. Officially, the mansion was legally declared to be haunted back in 1991. 

This residence is nestled along the Hudson River and the home itself is considered to be Queen Anne Victorian by design. A woman named Helen Ackley previously moved here and then began to spread rumors of the mansion being haunted by spirits of the dead.

Eventually, news of this quickly spread and many chose to avoid this place at all costs. The Ackley family lived at this location for more than 20 years before later listing it in 1989.

The next would-be owners didn’t like this place after discovering it was haunted. They soon backed out of the contract negotiations and then sued over this newfound news.

Their argument was any kind of ghost infestation should be disclosed ahead of time. This is like someone finding out a home is infested with rodents for example. 

Apparently, the New York Supreme Court agreed with these potential buyers and because the Ackley family widely publicized the presence of the supernatural, the information should have been shared ahead of time.

This is nicknamed a “Ghostbusters ruling”. It is still known today in modern times often determining if a place is recognized as being officially a “legal haunted” house.

Curiously, both Ingrid Michaelson and rapper Matisyahu lived at this mansion and neither one of them ever reported about the place being haunted ever. Maybe they were busy looking at the 

in-ground saltwater pool and views of the Hudson River. Regardless, this place has a uniqueness about it that some may enjoy, but the price is steep to be close to these spirits.

(Source: Mental Floss)

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