This Haunted Remote Tunnel In Virginia, Nobody Dares To Enter Alone

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A tunnel that is located in the back roads of Virginia, has a haunted history that has sent people running for the hills. Here a small rail tunnel around 656 feet long, is said to be haunted by several ghosts.

Haunted Big Bull Tunnel

It has been gossiped about for years and only those foolish enough to venture here will experience the unthinkable. This tunnel was once part of the Norfolk and Western Railway.

From what is understood, there are two different ghosts here, who whisper utterly creepy things to those who are brave enough to listen. It is unknown what time of day is best to hear these ghosts but the place has a real creepy vibe about it. 

One railway flag-man named John Peery, once said “no man could stand the sounds”. Welcome to Big Bull Tunnel…the gateway to Hell itself according to some. Many years ago in 1905, it was a hot July 17th. Here Peery’s freight train was forced to stop just past the tunnel due to mechanical failure. 

Fearing the inevitable, Peery quickly setup flags located along the far end of the tunnel. He then wandered out pale and shaking. Peery then told the conductor what he heard. As the conductor wandered out into the darkness he heard both the screams and agony coming from invisible men inside the tunnel. 

All of these men decided that the sounds were coming from the solid stone walls inside the tunnel. They believed some kind of phantoms were here, trapped somehow. They even heard phrases like “Remove that awful weight from my body and they are drinking my blood.” 

When daylight soon approached, the men were able to investigate around the stone passage. At first the engineer believed that someone was playing tricks upon them.

However, there was not even a crack found along the walls it was solid stone everywhere. Their hearts sank into their chest as they began to realize more was happening here then they could even imagine.

Upon further investigation by the Pittsburgh Press, it was discovered that several deaths had occurred here. One happened back in 1901, when an engineer named Robert Lemon was caught in a freak accident inside the tunnel. His skull had been crushed.

Another incident happened later in 1904, when one flag-man kept watch on the caboose section of a train. He was hit badly and later died on his way to the hospital. The man had only been married for several months leaving his wife behind.

Over time, many people who have wandered here have reported hearing the groans of what sound like men coming from inside the tunnel. It is believed that this place is indeed haunted and many think they are trapped still within our world.

These ghosts were never able to move on into the afterlife it seems. Even to this day, train crews that come through here hold their breath as they pass through. This location has been a haunt spot for quite some time as paranormal enthusiasts among others seek to find any evidence of trickery.

However, no one has been able to find anything but the moans of the dead.

(Source: Anomalien)

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