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My House Is Haunted, What To Do Next?

It can be a difficult thing to ward away or completely rid a home of unwanted spirits. Some think that it is practically impossible to do so. While this is often what most people think, it doesn’t mean that things can’t be done to get rid of unwanted spirits or possibly anything else. Many times

People Are Buying Demonic And Haunted Dolls Like Mad

A rather bizarre trend is happening lately, people have become obsessed with anything paranormal. In particular, people are buying up paranormal possessed dolls online from sites like eBay and Etsy among others. This growing trend has become an epidemic burst of madness, as people keep trying to find the most disturbing and “haunted” dolls they

High School Friends Stumble Into Haunted Factory

Back many years ago, friends were out looking for a good time. They happened to come across an old abandoned factory. The place was really run down, broken glass was everywhere and the walls were covered in graffiti. During this time, several of these friends were crushing on one another. She didn’t want to let

Phantom Spirits Still Plague The Paris Catacombs

Those brave enough to wander here, have reported strange experiences. People have become lost and died down here out of curiosity. The gloomy mines of Paris, are believed to be damned by many and now it is illegal to even wander down below unauthorized. Things quickly turned for the worse by the 18th century, when

While Shopping For A Home, Couple Comes Across Angry Entity

While out shopping for a home for several months, a couple looked around and found quite the bargain. One home in particular caught their eye. The previous tenants were elderly people and it was obvious, due to the decor including the paint choices and wallpaper everywhere. To reach the upstairs, an electric chair was setup