Spectres Continue To Appear Along A Scotland Highway Road

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The road has been well regarded as one of the most haunted places in the world. Many have seen spooky spectres appear here as they drive. Annan Road, A75 Kinmount Straight is a roadway that reaches through Dornock. 

At some point, there was talk of Scottish officials improving the road, but they believe the restless souls that stir here wouldn’t be happy about it. Villagers believe in these encounters that live in more remote areas. 

They themselves have reported seeing and hearing strange things near this highway road. Being superstitious, they also believe it is best to leave the road alone as the dead might be angered for its transformation or destruction. Others think that witchcraft might be responsible for the rise of these spectres. 

Some standout incidents include a woman named Donna Maxwell who was driving on Annan Road. She was near the area of Swordwellrig when she witnessed a man who jumped onto the road in front of her. She described him as being in his thirties, he had short hair and was wearing a red colored shirt with dark pants on.

When Donna braked and closed her eyes for impact, she then opened her eyes again. There was nobody around yet she insisted that a young man was there. Annan Police later searched the area but found no signs of anyone or any accident. After this incident, others have mentioned seeing the same man standing in the middle of the road. 

Another encounter took place along the A75 where Annan is located. They noticed what appeared to be a middle aged man, wearing a Hessian sack folded over his head. Both of his arms were outstretched with his hands facing towards him. He had a rag in one of his hands. When the car full of passengers hit the man, they suddenly stopped and the man vanished into thin air.

One lorry driver believed that he ran into a couple along Annan Road. To their surprise, the couple seemingly disappeared before their eyes. The driver got out and looked around to find no one else around. 

When Jim Carlyle was driving on A75, near Dornock, he noticed an old lady dressed in Victorian garb. She seemed to appear in the mist. He slammed on his brakes, but his car drove right through her. 

After 45 years, a woman named Margaret Ching was riding in a car along the very same road and she passed where this same Victorian dressed woman was. She described how she felt a cold shiver run down the back of her spine. She yelled at her driver to stop as they seemed to crash into this woman. However, when they looked back nothing was there.

Spectres Continue To Appear Along A Scotland Highway Road

With witchcraft being suspect, one proclaimed witch was burned alive and later buried at Scrapefaggot Green. A boulder was placed over her grave, to keep her there. Later in 1944, Americans arrived and the Army went to England to help them.

The large boulder stone (where this marker was located) was later removed to widen the crossroad, where her grave was located. After this, the strange paranormal events that happened in this one place seemed to stop entirely.

Still other sightings have continued to happen. While some of them might be made up, others are more questionable. It seems this road is haunted by the spirits of the dead. Until they find peace this location continues to bring forth curious investigators and vacationers alike. 

(Source: Anomalien)

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