Taco Bell Co-Workers Experience Ghostly Activity

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While working at their local Taco Bell location, one worker decided to share their bizarre encounters while they worked there. They decided not to share their identity so they along with their co-workers wouldn’t be ridiculed.

This anonymous person explained how when they first worked there, they began to witness some strange things. The first thing that they noticed was in the backroom, near the cooler was a huge footprint comparable to a 12 inch boot. This print was seen on the ceiling. No matter how hard they tried to wipe it away, it would return after a while.

The location where this Taco Bell was located was in a fairly remote area. They explained it was near a budding city on top of a hill. They lived there until about two months ago.

Each time until morning, they were noises heard. These noises were best described as banging and clanging sounds. The dishes washed including utensils would literally fly off the shelves by themselves. 

Sometimes the sounds heard were like something being punched. This included the machines and the walls around the area. The admitted to seeing newly stocked paper towel dispensers move abruptly by themselves as well.

They would fling down throwing paper towels everywhere in the room. One time while attempting to clean the restroom, something started banging around inside the air vent in the women’s restroom. 

It seemed as though something became angered as more noises could be heard. They said whatever it was, this thing seemed like it was flailing its body around like a rag doll from one side of the vent to the other. While they were inside the room things got weirder, the soap dispensers started to intermittently turn on and off. 

These are the type of soap dispensers where you hold your hand under to get them to activate. The lights within the room even started to flicker as well. Clearly something here was upset and likely was some kind of spirit. It wasn’t long before they left the room out of fear. 

They shrugged it off later but these things seemed to continue on. This person explained that the rungs on the food building line would seemingly fly through the air and crash down upon the floor.

Everyone was shaken up over what was happening. This didn’t happen only one time but several times. They later explained their co-workers along with them, witnessed a really tall looking man who was dressed in all black clothes. They even were wearing a hoodie and had unusually long fingers. 

Not far from Taco Bell was a Dollar General store, the dumpster behind here was another location where weird things happened. They heard lots of noises again, that left everyone scared out of their minds. 

One can only ponder what all of this was, likely it was some kind of disturbed ghostly spirit left lingering behind in the world unable to move forward. The person also said that their former assistant general manager went to their car and got a weapon.

It is unknown if it was a gun or what. When they returned to the dumpster, nothing was there. They sat around for about 15 minutes after a slow night at work. When they glanced over from the corner of their eye, they noticed something there. They said it was some kind of burnt entity. 

(Source: Reddit)

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