Haunted Archive

The Hollywood Sign Ghost

While Peg Entwistle only reached mediocre fame as an actress, her haunting spirit lives on in the hearts of Hollywood and beyond. Tragically, Peg committed suicide on the night of September 18, 1932. After this, many Hollywood enthusiasts and ghost hunters alike have been intrigued by Peg’s story. Peg was born in Port Talbot, Wales,

Haunted Museum Tour Leaves Guests Frightened And Delighted

When people come to visit Woodruff-Fontaine House in Memphis, Tennessee…they may well encounter something extraordinary. This location is known for its haunted experiences as many people have reported seeing spirits wander around the premises. One ghostly spirit, seems to simply refuse to wander away from our world. Her name is Mollie Woodruff Henning and she

All About Charley The Haunted Doll

First discovered 1968, a doll named Charley was discovered in an old Victorian home in upstate New York. Among st a tattered trunk full of old newspapers, the toy doll soon stood out. One oddity was, a yellowed piece of paper that had the Lord’s Prayer written on it. The newspaper inside the trunk was

Camera Captures Paranormal Activity In Haunted Garage

A man shared what he believes to be paranormal type activity that happened in his garage. His Nest camera setup, captured different things including voices heard, orbs and strange movements that surrounded his pool table. The original video upload, included the following comments: “Since installing a camera in our garage we have had many alerts

YouTuber Documents His Haunted Doll

Seen in a video clip from a YouTuber known as “spunkflunk”, appears to be a doll moving by itself on the bed behind him. He previously has documented this doll moving and to the best of his knowledge, the doll is haunted by something. It is unknown whether or not this might be a ghostly