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Hawaiian Restroom Believed To Be Haunted

While a woman living in Hawaii was out having dinner at the Mauna Lani golf course on the Big Island of Hawaii, she experienced something quite unusual. This happened less than 24 hours ago on 9/17/18. When she left her table at the dining room of the golf course, she went to the restroom after

Actress Fairuza Balk Shares Her Haunted Experience

She is known for her roles in films such as The Craft, The Waterboy and The Island of Dr. Moreau among others. Fairuza Balk, is now 44 years old and has remained a unique presence on screen with her dark hair, pale complexion and husky voice. Fairuza is a bit of a “Free Spirit” and

Road So Haunted, Drivers Are Afraid To Drive On It

Located in Australia, is a highly unusual road. Known as Wakehurst Parkway, this long winding road, connects Seaforth to Narrabeen in New South Wales. The stretch has left many skeptics scared after having traveled here. The road isn’t terribly far from Sydney – being a bit off the beaten track, abound a 25 minute journey.

Shadowy Demonic Orbs, Haunt My Very Soul

A teenage girl named Britney crossed paths with something supernatural. It happened to her back in January of 2012. These encounters took place over time, lasting for around several months. Britney said, she witnessed strange black figures floating around her room. Her best description about them, seems to resemble circular type spheres. These round shapes,

Possessed Clown Toy Moves By Itself

This incident happened in Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre in Hinckley, Leicester. The clown toy, has been nicknamed “Bob”. It seems this toy is unlike others. From what is known, this musical clown toy is being haunted by an infant spirit. When the toy is ever moved, it seemingly will move by itself back it