Hawaiian Restroom Believed To Be Haunted

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While a woman living in Hawaii was out having dinner at the Mauna Lani golf course on the Big Island of Hawaii, she experienced something quite unusual. This happened less than 24 hours ago on 9/17/18.

When she left her table at the dining room of the golf course, she went to the restroom after handing over her personal items to her husband. It was there, when strange occurrences started happening.

This woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, said she often gets creepy vibes from public restrooms in general. Perhaps this location had a strong spirit of some kind lurking behind.

Mauna Lani Golf Course 18th hole

Mauna Lani Golf Course 18th hole

Quite possibly, this woman may have a limited amount of psychic type ability. This would explain why she sensed the follow series of happenings. Things were more intense for her this time more so than before.

At first, she felt a tightening sensation hit her chest. This seemed to happen almost immediately as she entered the restroom. Inside this restroom are 4 different stalls. As she glanced over, she noticed that only the second stall was closed. She crouched down quickly to check underneath to see if anyone was there. The stall appeared to be empty.

Mauna Lani Golf Course

Suddenly, she started hearing what sounded like a wailing sound coming from inside of the room. The noise progressively became louder. She then decided to use the 3rd stall inside the restroom.

Not long after, the sound became so terrifying that she was far too distracted to even use the restroom. So, she decided to get out of there as quickly as possible. Most certainly she was distracted and scared at what was happening. The entire experience was really weird.

When she turned around and started to run out of the restroom, she heard something coming after her. She kept fidgeting around with the door, trying to open it. Scared to death, she forget that the door was a pull type door instead of a push one.

The restroom has a corner wall inside of it and when she turned around moments, the footsteps suddenly stopped. It seems that nothing was there now. When she returned to the table with her husband she said, “Fuck that.” He seemed to be confused by what had happened.

Feeling the need to use the restroom, she had her husband come with her this time to make sure things were okay. She even forced him to enter the women’s restroom to listen or look around for anything unusual. This woman was desperate and didn’t care at this point if anyone was going to walk in.

As she expected, the noises were now gone. Whens he entered the 3rd stall like her original plan, she previously hanged up a few purse charms from her bracelet. Some of these charms were caught and later broke off. Perhaps these charms or her bracelet may have some kind of afterlife entity latching onto it. Objects can sometimes be the vessel for spirits to remain behind.

This woman decided to comfort herself in hopes that this was nothing more than the toilet flushing or filling back up. Maybe even, the vents were making some kind of noises. When she finally got around to flushing the toilet, it did not make the same sound that she heard from before. She decide to wash her hands and get the hell out of there as soon as possible.

The woman mentioned that this all really happened and seems crazy to a lot of folks. However, she said if you have ever been to the women’s restroom at the Mauna Lani golf course next to Shiono, be on the lookout. It seems that something quite strange is going on here. Does this woman have an overactive imagination or was this really a paranormal type experience? Many question whether or not this really did happen.

(Source: Reddit)

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