All About Charley The Haunted Doll

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First discovered 1968, a doll named Charley was discovered in an old Victorian home in upstate New York. Among st a tattered trunk full of old newspapers, the toy doll soon stood out. One oddity was, a yellowed piece of paper that had the Lord’s Prayer written on it. The newspaper inside the trunk was aged and dated back to the 1930’s.

Charley The Haunted Doll

The doll itself is not yet known but it is rather old, easily preceding the 1930’s. Later, it was given the nickname “Charley”. The family who found the doll had five daughters. Both the mother and father wanted to do the best for their children and they collected different things. However, none of the girls were interested in playing with Charley the doll. The family already had an existing collection of other toys and there were other dolls among st the collection.

Everything seemed fine at first, until they noticed Charley seemingly moving by itself while he was placed on a bench full of other dolls. At first, the parents thought one of their daughters had moved him but this wasn’t the case. When they questioned their youngest daughter, she said when she went to use the bathroom at night, Charley spoke to her. This apparently happened more than once.

Thinking nothing of it, the parents believed that their youngest one was simply making up this story as their imagination was running wild. While the parents never witnessed seeing Charley move by itself, their children soon began to become fixated on him. They believed there was something wrong with this doll and were terrified of it.

No longer would any of the children use the bathroom at night, due to being so afraid of this doll. One morning, the youngest child was discovered to have scratches all over her body. Although the family had a pet cat, the markings were different than what a cat would make with its claws. Something else made these scratches, the family soon started to believe that the doll might be haunted and Charley was being controlled by something else.

Although no real proof was ever found, the mother and father elected to move the doll back upstairs to the attic and then locked it away inside. Everything seemed to return to normal, after the doll was stashed away and soon forgotten.

Years had passed and now the children were fully grown. Later, the home was sold and the trunk that had Charley inside went to a garage sale. A woman bought the doll to add to her antique doll collection. The doll changed hands a few more times before ending up at a shop named “Local Artisan”. The store is located in Salem, Massachusetts and is filled with taxidermy animals, unusual art, among other oddities.

This location is notoriously known for its past history regarding witches. Many people died here long ago, falsely accused of being a witch. It is unknown whether or not Charley is still controlled by some kind of spiritual force. However, rumors about the doll include its reanimation being linked to children. Since being displayed on a top shelf, the doll hasn’t moved yet. Now, travelers who pass by here can gaze upon this unusual doll.

(Source: Horror Movie Blog)

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