Camera Captures Paranormal Activity In Haunted Garage

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A man shared what he believes to be paranormal type activity that happened in his garage. His Nest camera setup, captured different things including voices heard, orbs and strange movements that surrounded his pool table.

The original video upload, included the following comments: “Since installing a camera in our garage we have had many alerts of taking and motion going on. Most were playful. However, last night a voice was captured that has us terrified. Any advice is appreciated as we are afraid to go out there after hearing the clip of the voice.”

A re-posted series of videos made their way onto YouTube by another user. They later uploaded three different videos in sequence, documenting what happened leaving the original included text. Evidence of something supernatural, seems to be seen and even heard in these videos.

There are many things which we don’t understand yet we question everything it is human nature. Some things can’t be explained with typical logic, there are those moments that are out of the ordinary that leave us scratching our heads.

From what is known, these videos took places over the course of 3 months. Where this happened and the exact date isn’t known either. It is assumed to have taken place somewhere within the United States. The people started receiving strange alerts from their Nest camera app. This garage sits away from the main house and is detached. It is located at the back of their property.

The first report from their app, was that someone was heard by the camera located in the garage. After getting the alert, the man explained in his text message in the video – that he went back out to the garage to check whether or not the stereo was not left on. He then briefly opens the door and even turns on the light momentarily. Thinking nothing of it, he decides to leave.

Nest Camera Alert

After this, a song can be heard playing. It was the Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons song “Stay”. Moments later, a strange mysterious orb can be seen hovering from the top of the screen. This isn’t dust or a moth, it moves quite differently. What sounds like pool balls are heard moving around, assumed to be coming from the pool table.

A very bright orb is then seen passing through the room. Often orbs are associated with the deceased and their spirit lingering behind in our world. Perhaps they were trying to make contact with someone, reaching out from the grave sort of speak.

Perhaps the most creepy thing about this video is at the end when a loud voice is heard saying “Silence!”. The motion sensor apparently went off after this. Whether or not it is wind or off in the distance (what sound like vehicles driving by) can be heard as well. This leads one to believe that the home is located in a town or city more than likely, with more traffic passing by. It remains a really strange video, yet it is quite fascinating. The video was published June 3, 2018 on Rumble.

Source: Menacing Paranormal Voice Captured On Nest Cam by Khaleesi12

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