Best UFO Footage Ever, Not Recorded By Model Valentina Rueda

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Many folks have been left wondering what exactly really went on – when a model by the name of Valentina Rueda, posted a video showing some of the best UFO footage ever captured, according to UFO investigator Jaime Maussan. 

If she didn’t record this, then who did? Some think this is part of a coverup of sorts as the object seen hasn’t been debunked yet – which shows a UFO object flying through the sky during daylight hours. She later spoke on camera, proclaiming that she didn’t actually record the UFO footage on April 4th, 2023. 

UFO Sky Valentina Rueda plane
Image: YouTube

After a while, the video made its way around the internet and allegedly some UFO enthusiasts have seized the footage – which shows the UFO object dashing quickly across the clear blue sky. The Colombian beauty has been pestered by a number of people now asking her what exactly is going on. 

Image: Pinterest

At first, Valentina said she witnessed an odd looking object pass by her window while flying. It is unknown where exactly this occurred. However, it is estimated to have happened over Antioquia, Colombia, involving a Cessna T303 Crusader piloted by Jorge A. Arteaga. The now-viral video does show a diamond-shaped object appearing about 20,000 feet in the sky. 

Image: YouTube

The saucer shaped spacecraft of sorts seems to move at top speed. The zoom out moment just barely captures the shape and scale of this UFO. When confronted about it, Arteaga said it was not a balloon nor a drone of any kind. It was unclear to him what exactly it really was. There may be another video or photograph out there showing this same UFO. 

Arteaga (the pilot) said he recalls the object being stationary at first glance. It seems legit according to him and others. It was first noticed between Medellín and Santafé. This area is home to around 2.5 million people. 

Image: YouTube

Both Arteage and his co-pilot Daniel – were heading towards Medellín when they first noticed this strange looking object in the sky. When they moved closer the UFO object seemed to suddenly move towards them. Daniel also confirmed what he had seen as the pilots then began to turn the plane around.

Fascinated at what they had seen, they then began to detour to look or hunt for this strange looking object in the skyline. As they did this, the unidentified object then began to move towards them. 

Arteaga said he managed to avoid the object in the sky while maintaining a speed between 130 to 140 knots. This is about 300 kilometers per hour. Notably, he said that if it was a balloon of some sort the speed from their aircraft would have blown it away or disrupted it somehow. Arteaga said this wasn’t a solar or helium type balloon either as the sighting did occur at 12,500 feet in the air. Temperatures up there would reach about 5 degrees Celsius. Both pilots explained how they were afraid of their encounter not knowing what to make of it. 

Source: mysterious universe, indy100 and latestly

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