Is The South Pole A Traffic Control Center For Aliens?

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Some UFO experts believe that the South Pole is an “air traffic control” center for aliens. They say that there have been numerous reports of UFOs being seen near the South Pole, including reports of large triangular crafts. Ufologist Dr. Steven Greer is one of them who has hosted a conference on this particular subject. 

Experts believe that the South Pole may be a portal to another dimension, and aliens may be using it to monitor human activity or to travel to other parts of the universe. Some experts are skeptical of these claims, but others think that they could be true.

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The South Pole is an area of great scientific interest. There are a number of research stations located at the South Pole, which may attract aliens who are interested in learning more about Earth and its inhabitants. 

The South Pole is located at a unique location on Earth, which may make it an attractive location for aliens to visit. The Earth’s magnetic field is vertical at the South Pole, making it easier for aliens to land their craft there.

While there is no real proof yet about alien life being active at the South Pole, there is evidence that some kind of activity is taking place. Perhaps the surrounding waters near the South Pole could be some kind of station base.

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This base might well be some kind of communications center. Maybe it records all findings and reports them back towards a mother ship in space somewhere. Anything is possible but there are so many questions left unanswered as of yet. 

For many years, people have thought that extraterrestrials exist. What they are doing here is the big question. Are humans being studied and/or being used as food for some kind of entity of sorts? One can only wonder what might be actually happening. 

The Antarctic is the driest, coldest and windiest continent in the world. In July 1983, the lowest recorded temperature on the earth’s surface was measured at -89.2ºC. This location makes travel quite a feat from the wind alone. 

Reports of wind speeds exceeding 200 km/hour are not unheard of. Despite all of this, researchers do come here every year from around the globe. For example, New Zealand started their expeditions here back in 1923 alongside Great Britain. 

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There is a base established in The South Pole known as Scott Base, which provides both services and accommodation to 85 people in summer and a smaller sized skeleton staff of 10-14 people in the wintertime. Exclusive details have not been publicly made available but we can only assume more things have been built and brought down there to study these happenings. 

Evidence of this dates back to 2010, when Eric Heckler described the South Pole as an “air traffic control” hub for aliens. Hecker claimed that in 2010 Raytheon, the US aerospace and defense conglomerate chose him to be a contractor on the research center operated by the United States National Science Foundation. When further questioned Hecker said there are “digital optical modules” buried a mile beneath the surface of the ice. 

The South Pole has been rumored for quite some time as being a hotbed for paranormal type activity. Particularly, there are reported UFO sightings seen here by some individuals who have concealed their identity. 

Likely, they are government officials who visited and/or were called down to the South Pole for further study. Just how much has happened or how many people have gone down there is unknown but it does raise some suspicion. Each year, there seems to be an incredible amount of activity happening. Just what it might be is the answer to the question. 

Source: Anomalien

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