People Have Mysteriously Disappeared Around Mount Shasta, California

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For whatever different reason, people have mysteriously disappeared around Mount Shasta, California. Mount Shasta, is a volcano located at the southern end of the Cascade Range, in Siskiyou County, California. It stands about 3,600 feet above sea level. This volcano is 14,180′ feet tall and is the second largest peak within the Cascades. (the fifth tallest in California)

Long ago, a three year old child went missing around this area. They were lost inside the Shasta Forest for around five hours. This young boy was quite literally gone within a second, according to eyewitnesses who were there.

There were a number of campers and hikers, who were questioned about the boy and where he went. Hours later, the boy seemingly appeared back from nowhere. What the boy had to say, was interesting. He claimed that a robot clone of his grandmother, took him to a cave filled with spiders.

What is stranger is, the very same grandmother said she woke up face down on the ground and was taken out from her sleeping back inside her tent. She was camped at a Mount Shasta campground area. After the grandmother woke up, she noticed what appeared to be a puncture wound on the back of her head. On that same morning, she, felt very sick. She was emotionless during this time. Quite possibly, a poisonous spider bite made her feel this way. However, this wasn’t confirmed either.

When questioned, the grandmother stated she was with a friend who had been sleeping inside his camper unit. Oddly enough, he also felt something on the back of his neck. He felt ill also and recalled seeing ‘red eyes’ shining through the trees. He believed along with others, that these were deer in the woods or were they?

Shockingly, several more strange incidents also happened around Mount Shasta during 2011, when this same little boy went missing. It was the month of September and a Los Angeles man decided to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. He heard what sounded like a woman singing. It seemed to be coming from the same direction of where Mount Shasta is located.

This man was eager to see just who this woman was singing. He wandered off the beaten path of the trail and found himself lost in the woods. He said the was taken away and abducted. He found himself inside of a dark cave without any clothing on.

Inside of the cave, was a tall woman with unnatural looking blue eyes. She was wearing clothing that was most unusual as well. This female gave him a ‘gift’. It was secret information, which he declined to share anything about.

This man went missing for several weeks. After surviving this encounter, he has since changed his thoughts about who he is. Now he believes he is the incarnation of a messianic Hindu god. He even changed his name to ‘Lord Kalki’.

One other man from the Los Angeles area, was with a spiritual group of friends. They decided they would meditate high up on the mountain during November 11th, 2011. After taking his shoes off, he hiked up on top of the mountain. He wanted to place a rock on the mountains summit. After a while, a storm settled upon the area and despite efforts made, his body wasn’t found until the very next day. The estimation was, he had traveled around 9,600 feet up the mountain side.

Mount Shasta is known for its folklore. There are many stories about it which include underground tunnel systems and ‘Hollow Earth’ type theories as well. Quite possibly, there are secret military installations here also.

Many conspiracy theorists think ancient tombs and caverns are to be found here, underneath the mountain itself. A place known as ‘Telos’ may exist. It is believed to be inhabited by Lemurians who built a sanctuary beneath Mount Shasta, after the downfall of their own civilization.

There are missing people who are thought to have wandered into this location. They would come here of their own free will or under the influence of something else. There are many questions about this place that still remain unanswered for. This is one place not to be, during the nighttime hours especially. The place is kind of creepy.

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