Walmart Employee Encounters Boy With Reptilian Eyes

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An anonymous employee sent a rather unusual encounter, explaining how they came across what looked like a boy with reptile type eyes. It happened back during the fall of 1988, in an unnamed Kansas town. Employment options are scarce around here, so they turned to their local Walmart for an opportunity.

It seems this lady was stuck raising several preteen children on her own, things were rough for her as she seemed to be a single parent trying to make ends meet. One day, she received a phone call and got hired in as a department manager. Immediately, she picked up on everything around her and began setting up her given department area. It seems things were beginning to pick up for her during this time in her life.

This Walmart location was brand new during this time and things couldn’t have come at better time for her. Both of her children were beginning to start school again. She attempted to keep her schedule in order to accommodate the school hours. Weekends it seems, were mandatory for her to be at work.

Mostly of the time, she would arrive early trying to get a jump on the day. As the store was new, there were only a limited amount of employees starting at this location. She was the very first department manager on the floor at this time.

One morning in particular, was quite unusual. She just clocked in and was ready to leave what is known as the freight room. A younger boy there entered this area, he was about the same age as her children. This boy started muttering something about how his identification had been lost. He wanted to see the CCTV recordings, to see if anyone there had picked it up.

Being a small town area, this lady didn’t even know who this child was. It was a smaller town and everyone there seemed to know one another. There were several strange instances about all of this that were quite weird. First of all, nobody during this time back in 1998 had any kind of ID of any kind like the one this boy was requesting.

The woman decided to follow this boy back to the office inside of Walmart. There was only one lady inside of the office. This woman’s job was part of the set-up team. She also was the one who had hired her. Not knowing what else to do, she left the boy with this lady after explaining how he was searching for his ID.

The floor manager left to return back to her station. Moments later, she then turned around because she left her scanner inside of the office. This is when she started hearing how belligerent and hostile the boy became towards this office worker. The boy was ranting about seeing CCTV recordings. He wanted to see them now!

A Human Resource officer then explained to the boy that only staff and the store manager have access to see the video. They did however note the boy’s complaint.

Fearing for coworker’s safety, the department manager crept closer towards the open door. The boy’s back was facing away from her but she noticed the horrifying look on her co-workers shocked pale face. The boy immediately swung around and stormed past her. It was almost as if this boy flew right out of the room.

Walmart Employee Encounters Boy With Reptilian Eyes

“Did you see his eyes?” “Did you see his eyes?”, she exclaimed!

According to the few people there, this boy had the eyes of a snake. His behavior was most unusual and this wasn’t some kind of prank. She wanted to talk with the office worker, who was part of the set-up team but when she inquired about her – she was told this woman had been transferred.

Rumors swirled saying that she had been fired by the home office instead. She didn’t say another word about this encounter, what she found most unusual about it was the boy’s serpentine type eyes. Perhaps this was some kind of alien reptilian of some sort but this is speculation. It was something she will never forget!

(Source: Phantoms and Monsters)

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