Women are having sex with ghosts

A strange phenomena has been happening especially with women. It is known as Spectrophilia, and has been classified as both a phenomenon and fetish. Back on a cold January evening during 2016, several women decided that they would have sexual intercourse with a ghostly spirit or at least attempt to.

On a spiritual and ritualistic level, this has been a part of various cultures around the world. Some believe, that people have been doing this for many years, including with demonic forces, spectres and deities.

Image: Natasha Blasick

Image: Natasha Blasick

Not many people speak of such things, yet several celebrities have admitted to having a ghost sex encounter. One of them, is Ukrainian actress Natasha Blasick from the film Paranormal Activity 2. There are seductions used to lure a ghost spirit into the bedroom according to Natasha.

Image: Kesha

Image: Kesha

American singer Kesha, also said she had sex with a ghost, telling Ryan Seacrest on his radio show: “I had a couple of experiences with the supernatural. I don’t know his name! He was a ghost! I’m very open to it.”

Image: Arianna Rebolini and Katie Heaney

Image: Arianna Rebolini and Katie Heaney

In search of answers and intrigue, both Arianna Rebolini and Katie Heaney decided to investigate having sex with a ghost. They simply said, “We decided to fuck some ghosts.” Before embarking on their sexual curiosity, they consulted with leading ghost sex specialist Patti Negri. She is a psychic medium and self-proclaimed “good witch”. Making a name for herself, she has since emerged as one of the nation’s leading experts on spectrophilia.

Patti went on to say, there are specific techniques used when trying to seduce a ghostly spirit. Following a detailed set of guidelines, those interested are enrolling themselves into “Ghost Sex 101”.

Some of the key steps to a ghost sex encounter, is first being in a really great mood. Next, keep yourself relaxed, letting loose of any inhibitions. Put yourself in clean and safe surrounding such as your bedroom. Next up, use candles, incense, mood lighting, and any sexy music you can find. All of this, is pretty much like having sex with a living real partner. Importantly, do not burn sage, as this will keep spirits away.

Image: Arianna Rebolini and Katie Heaney before ghost sex

Image: Arianna Rebolini and Katie Heaney before ghost sex

After being in such a clear state of mind, begin breathing exercises. Try to visualize your ghostly lover and what they might look like. Begin to ask the universe for a ghostly lover. Focus on finding a positive and hot lover. Next, begin chanting softly and repeatedly “Come to me, loving spirits.”

Soon enough if done right, sensations will take over and you will begin to hear something in the room with you. Some have reported smells and orbs flying or drifting around the room as well. Physical sensations will begin to take over, as gentle caresses and pressures on the body consume you into an intense sexual stimulation. Most importantly, enjoy the experience.

During your encounter with a ghost spirit, keep respect between both you and the ghostly entity within your environment. Importantly, keep the veil closed that was previously opened, as spirits can sometimes linger on. After the experience is over, thank the spirit for the pleasure and move on keeping the option to invite them back after closing the veil.

Both Arianna Rebolini and Katie Heaney have since tried to have sex with ghosts. This is what they said:

Will you ever try to have sex with a ghost again?

“Katie: I don’t think so, no. That said, I would LOVE to sign up for the reverse of this. I would love to have something to look forward to when I am dead.

Arianna: Sure. Maybe? More for curiosity’s sake than anything else. I don’t know. I can’t promise I won’t.”

(It seems these women were unsuccessful with their first attempt. It is unknown if they experienced any paranormal ghost sex thereafter)

Both Katie and Arianna are associated with the Buzzfeed news site.

A British woman proclaims she had sex with 20 different ghosts, read about it here.

(Source: Buzzfeed)

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