Do Underground Sewer Monsters Really Exist?

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There have been many urban legends and myths about different creatures living underground in sewer systems. Perhaps the most famous is that of crocodiles or alligators moving around rampant inside of sewer tunnel systems.

While coming across something like this is slim to none, one can only imagine the nightmare of being stuck underground with roaming crocodiles or worse. A giant alligator or crocodile would be a menacing force to deal with. 

alligator in sewers NYC

Some have suggested that Bigfoot lives below the urban streets down inside the sewers. It does seem ridiculous but one cannot simply rule out such a scenario. In regards to alligators and crocodiles living in sewers, it all started back during the 1930’s when these reptiles were said to grow to freakishly large sizes. 

Rumors quickly spread around places like New York where these creatures later mutated physically. Their colors changed as well with each tell-tailed account by witnesses who thought they saw something most unusual. 

Just how did these reptiles reach such extraordinary sizes? It is believed that underneath the city streets of NYC, parents were buying up small sized baby alligators for their children to keep as a pet.

Ignorantly, they didn’t think about just how large these creatures would end up being. So, they flushed them down the toilet in hopes to get rid of them. It turned out to be a bad idea, as the reptiles would reach maturity and begin to feed off rats among other things inside the sewers below. 

Soon enough these reptiles were labelled as sewer gators and the stories began to pile up. It seemed to become a trend to talk about gators living underground among the people. Some people even believed that these gators would grab bums off the streets and drag them into the sewers below for dinner. 

As time passed by, city workers from 1935 were said to have removed and killed any remaining alligators or crocodiles roaming around below. Perhaps nowadays, workers are safe to wander around but careful enough to keep their eyes open for what’s around the next corner.

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