Reptilian shapeshifter caught live on television

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This video was recorded from television off someones phone. During a segment interview with Fox News reporter Martha MacCallum, a woman is seen with elongated slits in the pupils of her eyes. She doesn’t look entirely human, it is as if something is very off about her.

Alien reptilian eyes on television

While some viewers mentioned they didn’t see anything when this was broadcast live, it doesn’t mean that this isn’t real either. However, digital manipulation is easier to achieve nowadays, with such technology at our fingertips. Alien reptilians, are believed to actually exist upon our planet.

Alien reptilian woman shapeshifting on television

The video made its way to the YouTube channel UFOmania. It is pretty strange to watch. Until now, all of the videos captured have lasted for only a mere moment. While watching this video, this woman’s elongated serpentine eyes, can easily be seen. The duration seems to last for most, if not all of the entire segment which was aired.

A number of people, believe that reptilians such as these are living among us. They have been put into positions of influence and power. Our world is being controlled by either one, if not more type of extraterrestrial entities.

Other theories about reptilians include them being with us all along. They are in fact so ancient, they predate anything humans have recorded in history. Underground living areas and even cities, are thought to exist as well…deep within the Earth.

A scary thought no doubt, but some think that humans are harvested as a food source for these reptilians. The people that go missing each year, are those who have been taken and eaten. The reptiles that we know of, sometimes can eat their food live. It is unknown whether or not these reptilian type humanoids have a carnivorous or omnivorous type of diet.

Reptilian V television series

An old two-part television mini series simply titled “V” focused on alien races arriving to Earth. They first appeared as human, but needed specialized glasses to protect their eyes. Suspicious humans discovered their true intentions and set up a resistance against them. This mini-series, spawned a spin-off that lasted between 2009-2011.

One commenter said, “The eyes are the windows to the soul. Those who think this is camera trickery, are reaching for excuses. He would need to be the best CGI artist to make this seem as real as it does, and the video is flawless.

The man has recorded this on his phone from live television. The High Definition TV, captures every detail. You can even see each eyeball moving in sync with one another. I however do not believe this is a shapeshifting reptilian being. This is an example of someone being perfectly possessed by a demonic entity.”

Whatever this was, still has people asking questions about it.

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