Georgia Woman Was Believed To Be A Werewolf

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Back in the mid-1800’s, a woman named Emily Isabella Burt, was suspected to be a werewolf. She allegedly terrorized rural parts of Georgia.

Emily was a well reserved child and grew up in an area known as Pleasant Hill near Talbotton. The Burt family, came from a predominantly wealthy family. Her shy nature, led some to not understand her very well. 


When Emily’s father passed away, he left behind a large sum of money. Emily’s mother Mildred Owen Burt decided to ship her children off to boarding school in Europe. This allowed her to spend her days socializing with others in high society. 

Time passed by and each semester in school was long for Emily. It didn’t take long to notice that she was not looking very healthy. Everything in her life was taking its toll on her. Her once healthy appearance faded, she became rather sickly. 

Soon enough, her mother realized that something wasn’t right with her. Back home, Emily began to slip away into the nearby woods during the middle of the night.

When confronted about it, Emily exclaimed she couldn’t remember what was happening. Her random midnight strolls turned mysterious. She couldn’t remember time and places very well. Oddly enough, Emily began to grow hair in odd places around her body.

Strangers began to notice that her teeth looked pointed, they appeared to resemble long fangs. At first her mother Mildred thought her daughter was simply suffering from unusual puberty. She then began to keep a closer eye upon her.  

The local farmers in the region, were struggling with their own problems. Around Talbot county, the farmers would often find their fields littered with mangled carcasses of livestock.

The wounds were reminiscent of wolf attacks. Fed up with what was happening, the local farmers put together a plan to kill the beast responsible for all of this. Different hunting parties, attempted to track down the wolf or wolves believed to be responsible.

After many failed attempts, the frustrated farmers began to ask around for help eventually turning to an unusual old man descendant from Eastern Europe.

The locals believed this man dabbled in black magic and he was kind of mentally crazed. After asking him about what was happening, the man explained this was the work of no regular animal. It was that of a werewolf.

With not much else to go on, the farmers intently listened to the old man. He explained that they should wait for the next full moon to come around. During the meantime, the farmers were instructed to melt down any bits of silver they could find and fashion them into bullets. They followed his advice. 

About several weeks went by and the farmers took to the fields wandering around by the light of the full moon above. They came across what resembled a silhouette lurking around in the darkness. This mystery creature was the size of a grown man.

It had a long snout and walked upright on its hind legs. The hunting party raised their rifles and aimed towards the beast. A frightful scream could be heard throughout the entire forest. This was the werewolf and it was struck by the blaze of bullets, that burst in the night sky. It seemed the old man’s plan had worked. 

Confused and frightened, Emily’s mother Mildred wandered out at night in search of her missing daughter that was nowhere to be found at home. With lantern in hand, Mildred turned around to see Emily’s unconscious body lying in a pool of blood. Emily was wounded by a gunshot. Mildred panicked and called out for help running after attempting to stop the bleeding. 

The very next day, a local doctor helped patch up Emily’s wounds. He however couldn’t explain what had happened. The rumors began to swirl after news of Emily’s “accident” reached the locals at the nearby tavern. 

Mother Mildred found out about a doctor in Paris who could help treat her daughter. They specialized in “lycanthropy”. Mildred believed that her daughter was responsible for the animal killings and mutilations.

She sent her daughter off to Paris for help, hoping that she could be cured. From the lore recorded, the animal attacks then seemed to shop from that moment on. 

Several years later, Emily Isabella Burt returned to Georgia. She was cured of her mysterious ailment living out the rest of her life as a successful businesswoman and landlord. 

In 1911, at the age of 70, Isabella died and was buried in the Owens and Holmes cemetery in Talbot county. Emily owned a 300 acre estate and partial ownership of a warehouse in Talbot County. She also had land in Bullochville (Meriwether County) and Columbus, Georgia.

Her gravestone reads: “Thy form alone is all, thank God, That to the grave is given; For ise know thy soul the better part, Is safe, yes safe, is heaven.”

Over the years, there have been reports of a ghostly spirit resembling that of a werewolf. Some believe that Emily’s spirit still wanders the area on a nights full moon.

(Source: Week In Weird)

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