Yorkshire Witch Who Died In 1561, Predicted Signs Of Days Ahead

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Ursula Southeil was known for exhibiting immense prophetic and psychic abilities at an early age. She later became highly known in the United Kingdom as Mother Shipton. Her writings and prophecies have predicted some current worldly events which are taking place today.  

While her prophecies were published later in 1641, (in the form of a diary) many believe that her prophecies were composed by others after her death, and after the events they predicted. 

Yorkshire Witch prophecies

This English soothsayer and prophetess, was physically considered unsightly to look upon. Ursula was literally born inside of a cave back in 1488 located in Knaresborough. Today, tourists can wander to the cave out of fascination. She was an illegitimate daughter and thus was given up for adoption but her biological mother at the age of 2. Afterward, she started having prophecies and was considered to be psychic.

Now that things are happening such as the Coronavirus outbreak around the world. It seems that her prediction about such problems have all but come true. Those with the virus have symptoms including but not limited to fever, coughing and shortness of breath. These symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure in regards to the human (COVID-19) cases.

This is one of her prophecies:

“When moving pictures seem alive

When boats like fish swim under the sea,

When people, like birds, will cut through the sky

Then half of the world, drenched in blood, will die.

Those who survive the century

Will be in awe and awe

Many will flee to the mountains, to the forests and hide in the swamps

Slowly they will die out

Searching for diminishing streams of water

Many will die of thirst earlier

Then the oceans rise to the shore.

Fire dragon cross the sky

Six times before this earth dies

Humanity will tremble and be scared

Until the sixth herald in this prophecy.

Seven days and seven nights

A person will watch this amazing sight.

The tides will rise beyond

The shores will begin to crumble

Mountains will roar

And earthquakes will split the plains.

And floods of water rushing

Flood all the lands with a roar

Having buried humanity in a dirty swamp

And a man will roar at his brethren.

He will bare his teeth, he will fight and kill

Fighting for food supplies

Hidden in secret hills

Not every soul on earth will die.

As the tail of the Dragons passes by.

Not every earth on the planet will sink

But plants, bodies of people and animals

Will roll around

They will rot, crunch under your feet and stink.”

With her psychic gifts she accurately predicted a number of worldwide events such as the dissolution of the Church in the reign of Enrique VIII, the fall of Cardinal Wolsey, as well as the premature death of Henry Edward VI’s son; but she also accurately predicted the bloody reign of Bloody Maria I. It didn’t stop there as she predicted how Queen Elizabeth would rise to the throne of England and the plague of London would happen back in 1665. She also predicted the catastrophic fire the following year within London.

Quite remarkable, Mother Shipton (Ursula) predicted the Dissolution of the Monasteries. This later would begin the redistribution of wealth and land that was once held by monasteries and distributed to the middle class and then noble families. Eerily there are some comparisons between both Mother Shipton and the Nostradamus predictions.

There have been a number of references to Mother Shipton from all parts of Britain from London to Portsmouth and both Somerset and Wales. The “witch” died back on November 1561 in Yorkshire just before the death of Nostradamus himself. She was buried, according to legend, on a land somewhere on the outskirts of York.

(Source: Ancient Code and Crystal Links)

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