Ghost Gets Photographed By Old Post Office Window

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This photograph seems to show what appears to be a ghost in the window. It was taken at St Bathans. The town is located in the Central Otago district of New Zealand. While Andrew Watters was travelling with his girlfriend Kim Ward during the weekend, they snapped a few photos. It is unknown exactly what time of day this photo was taken. But it was believed to be sometime mid-day. The sun was shining brightly during this hour.

The couple were actually on the lookout for anything and everything haunted, as the two dabble in ghost hunting. When they took this particular photo, they had no idea what they would end up capturing. Later, they looked and noticed a ghost by a upstairs window at the Vulcan Hotel. This location has previously been noted as a haunt spot.

Ghost Gets Photographed By Old Post Office Window

Andrew explained that he had been nagging Kim to go out and have a look at the old Vulcan Hotel. They didn’t think they would find anything initially. It wasn’t until they went out later to a pub, when Andrew noticed this ghost in one of the photos.

For whatever reason, this haunting spirit seemed to be trapped here. While difficult to make out details, the ghost appears to be an elderly person. Perhaps he or she died here and are unable to move forward into the afterlife. The couple seems to believe this ghost is a she, as the spirit resembles that of a woman who worked at the post office here?

Andrew said it freaked him out a bit. The shape is very much like a human figure. After studying the photograph, it did not make him any more or less sceptical about the existence of ghosts. But he does believe it is quite unusual, unlike anything else he had ever seen before. Jude Cavanagh is a current renter at the Vulcan Hotel.

She explained that this was the first time any news of a haunting came her way. Like most people, she remains quite skeptical about it. The post office/hotel where the ghost was captured on camera, was once managed by the Department of Conservation dating back to the 1950’s.

The location previously had been vacant for around a years time. However, whoever was here before seems to be lingering behind in a spiritual sense. Community relations and program manager Amanda Ware mentioned that she had no knowledge of any kind of phantom presence at the post office. Amanda said, “This does add legend to this place.”

From what is understood, the building was first opened back in 1909 and was classified as a category two historic place. The interior has since remained unchanged since it was built. Inside it appears to resemble that of a working post office. Upstairs where the ghost was recorded was the postmaster’s living quarters according to Amanda Ware.

She said, “Maybe it was them coming back for a visit and next time she would tread more carefully.”

(Source: Real Ghosts Webs)

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