Two Brothers See ‘Witch’ And A Portal Into Another World

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While they were younger, two brothers experienced something rather extraordinary like something from out of a fairy tale. At the time, the older brother said he was 10 and his brother was 8 years old.

They were both sleeping on their living room couch. The home was open concept, so everything was out in the open and easy to see around everywhere.

On the couch where they were sleeping, there is a door to a small sized hallway. The couch faced that direction. Another door leads to the garage and the entrance to the dining room wasn’t but so far away from there.

The hallway is not very long but there is also a broom closet, along with a washer and dryer from each end. Across from the washer and dryer was a large blank wall with nothing there.

Both of their parents were vast asleep, when both brothers suddenly awakened. The very first thing that they noticed was a bright greenish light illuminating from the large blank wall. This area was slightly obscured by the opened door there. 

After looking closely they noticed what seemed like a swirling green circle coming at them. All kinds of things appeared to be climbing out from this portal. The older brother explained that these things were not walking out but rather appeared to be climbing. 

While thinking back to that moment, the older brother said he couldn’t recall what exactly came from this portal of sorts. After these things made their way out, they appeared to just float around in the air. Whatever they were, these things were both light and airy by their appearance. The edges of these things were kind of blurred out. 

Like from something from out of a children’s story, these creatures then seemed to enter our world. Some of them looked like characters from books or movies. Perhaps something there was manipulating their very thoughts, using their imagination to conjure forth what most children would know. 

This moment seemed to last for a while as these unidentified creatures began to appear and disappear over and over again. Some of them seemed to watch the two brothers, while others didn’t seem to care at all.


What stood out to them was a witch who appeared, it was very distinctive and resembled a typical witch seen in many children’s books. She seemed to float up into the air and was interested in both of the brothers. This witch seemingly smiled at them as she manifested. 

Perhaps the most distinctive thing about all of this, is that both of the brothers didn’t feel afraid. The witch didn’t seem to act cruel towards them, she was more of a motherly type figure as they recalled.

All of this may seem insane but the brothers stand by their story, they will never forget this experience and to date were not traumatized by it. It was very weird and afterward they both fell back to sleep.

They both had the same dream or experienced something beyond rational understanding. Years later, they both talked about it a few times and think the experience brought them closer together. This was one moment they will never ever forget.

(Source: Reddit)

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