Chinese Shopkeeper Keeps Dragon Man Bones

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A bizarre few photographs remained a mystery for some time, until a reader from the site Week In Weird, commented about it. The bones seen, have been speculated to be the remains of some kind of human dragon hybrid or are alien in origin. In different cultures, such as in east India, naga serpents are believed to be the cross between both humans and serpents.

These mythological creatures, are able to stay underwater for quite some time. Comparable to sirens, they are able to come up out of the water for a limited duration. Some tales, mention about them being able to shift between both human and serpent form. Of course these types of creatures, are able to swim through the water better than any human being.

There is a lot of talk, about alien reptilians being on Earth. Conspiracy or fact, there certainly are some strange things happening, that can’t be explained rationally.

Looking at different videos and photos, celebrities and politicians seemingly have serpentine type eyes, that are in the form of slits. Is this their real true form? Many people think so.

Dragon Man bones Toyko

These photos seem to show a skeletal “Dragon Man” of sorts. Seen are protruding horns from the forehead of the skeleton, along with a long reptilian type of tail. Do these remains, appear to be some kind of blood ritual sacrifice?

Anything is possible, but perhaps these remains are from someone who suffered from a deformation. Originally, these dragon humanoid bones, were thought to be kept in a museum somewhere.

Dragon Man bones back of shop

However, the eccentric Chinese businessman who owns these remains, keeps them stashed away in the rear part of his clothing shop. The remains are located in the Shibuya shopping area of Tokyo. They certainly are unusual no doubt. No explanation has been given, about where he got these bones from or when.

Apparently, there are old images about the excavation, that are kept with the bone remains inside of a sturdy glass case. The images were sepia toned and looked like they could have been from late 1800’s or early 1900’s.

While it is difficult to believe, they might be genuine. It is unknown, the name of the exact store where these bones are. This makes it tough to further believe as people can only speculate things at this point. There might be a chance that humanoid sized reptilians actually co-existed with mankind many thousands of years ago in underground type cities.

Nevşehir Province Turkey Dragon Men

A underground city, was discovered by Turkish construction workers, during an urban development project in Nevşehir Province. This area is located in the central part of Turkey. The massive subterranean city, was unearthed when construction workers began digging within the area. All of this was done, to level the terrain for new constructed buildings. It makes one wonder, if dragon men really did exist after all.

(Source: Week in Weird and Ufoholic)

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