Couple Transported To Different Time And Place During Sex

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While things can happen that are unexplained, sometimes there is a reason for it. This isn’t a euphoric type sexual experience. This experience was different for this couple, as they embraced one another while in bed.

It all started for them around fifteen years ago. The man who wishes to remain anonymous, said he was in his twenties. It is assumed that his girlfriend was around the same age during the time. This happened late at night, he explained that his time with her was sweet, as they faced one another in what seemed like a half-dream type experience.

He went on to explain, that they were on-board on what appeared to be a train of some sort. They were in a private train compartment. As he looked around him, he noticed everything appeared to be quite old. It was as if they stepped back into time, several hundred years ago.

Train railway

As he glanced around the compartment, he noticed the window had white lace curtains. He described the lighting being a peach-hued sunset. The warm glow of light, filled the entire room giving it a soft undertone seeming to radiate everywhere. The train rocked back and forth ever so gently, as it traveled down the tracks. This experience was pleasant for him and after a while, he returned back to reality.

What happened next is what blew his mind. His girlfriend turned to him with a ever so curious smile on her face asking him, “Where you just on a train?”. He then knew this was sometime from out of the ordinary, as they both seemed to experience the same thing.

He replied saying that he also was on this mystery train of pleasure. Neither of them could explain what had happened. They didn’t watch any old movies or anything like that. How did they both share the same experience? It was as if their minds melded together, beyond their physical bodies. He realized that the old train entering a tunnel, may be interpreted as being a cliché symbolism for sex.

Couple together sunset

While this was quite strange, they both shared another symbiotic type experience. This moment happened before the train incident. They were laying in the same bed together, trying to sleep.

Meanwhile while in the darkness, he noticed what looked like a wheel floating overhead in the shadows. This seemed to resemble a bicycle wheel. Although it was difficult to make out. They both noticed it and it also seemed to be old-fashion by design. How could a bicycle wheel get up onto the ceiling? They shrugged it off as curiosity before falling asleep that night.

Questions remain, such as this couple being teleport ed and/or reunited as past life lovers. Perhaps even, the very bed that they shared may have been crafted by materials used from before. Did this bed and bike recycle into their very lives for a reason?

The man mentioned that there were several other incidents that happened, but they were more personal and didn’t wish to share anything about them yet. Their experiences seemed quite intense, maybe some sort of haunting is happening to them for whatever reason.

(Source: Reddit)

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