Paranormal happenings down under

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An intriguing photograph has circulated around the internet, displaying what appears to be some sort of apparition—standing behind a cluster of underbrush in Australia. It is rather creepy for several reasons. The man who unknowingly took the photo, is rumored to have mysteriously gone missing. When he took the photograph long ago, he was hiking through a remote part of a forest, not far from Toowoomba, Australia.

Figure in the underbrush of Australia

Here, he stumbled upon a watering hole and decided to take a rest from his long day journey. As the man began to rest here, he had the eerie feeling that something was watching him from a far. His instincts were right. When he returned home, several of the photos he took, looked different from the others. To his shock, he noticed what appears to be some kind of figure—standing behind some fallen brush in the distance.

The figure in the underbrush

The apparition seen, appears to be full bodied. It’s head looks almost alien-like, being shaped comparably to a typical grey alien entity. After the man investigated further, it turns out this location is known to be a hotbed for suicides to happen. It is unknown to whether or not the man was ever found, as his identity was never mentioned.

At this point, it is unclear whether or not—the mysterious figure is that of a ghost or some sort of other entity. If it is a ghostly presence, then it may well have some kind of unfinished business to attend to. Perhaps there is a reason for such paranormal mysteries happening in this area.

Toowoomba sign

Toowoomba is known for being a city in the Darling Downs region of southern Queensland, Australia. This city does have a haunted history behind it. The area boasts attractions such as the Cobb & Co Museum, showing off different horse-drawn carriages and early living nostalgia.

Other attractions include The Royal Bull’s Head Inn, which was built back in the 1800’s. Ravensbourne National Park is here, showcasing towering red cedars and rain forests. Also, nearby Crows Nest National Park, features an eucalypt forest, granite boulders and Crows Nest Falls.

Ghost face in the window Facebook/Toowoomba Ghost Chasers

Ghost face in the window Facebook/Toowoomba Ghost Chasers

According to Toowoomba’s local ghost hunters, many poltergeists live in historic buildings around the city. Some of the other sightings here include, a lady wearing a long grey dress carrying metal keys inside of the Gowrie House. This place is known to be a heritage-listed villa and YWCA hostel. Both staff and visitors have reported hearing the rattling of keys at this location.

Also, a mysterious figure has been seen at the Toowoomba Railway Station. She is best described as being an attractive woman, who wears a long dress and gloves while carrying an umbrella. This ghost is rumored to be Elizabeth Perkins, a woman who died at the station back in 1944.

Maggie Hume

Maggie Hume

There is also a ghostly servant, named Maggie Hume. She committed suicide, by ingesting a lethal dose of strychnine. Now, she haunts the heritage building, originally built in the 1870’s for Frederick Hurrell Holberton, who was a member of the Queensland Legislative Council. It seems that in this region, there are many restless souls stirring around down under.


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