Shadow Fiend Scares Boy In The Woods

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Seen in this unusual clip, appears to be a young boy estimated to be around 7 years old. Momentarily, he seems to stop and peer down the pathway. What he sees at first, fascinates him for a few moments before he then flees in terror. The video seems to have been captured by some kind of trail camera, sometime in the early afternoon.

The entire thing is quite strange. Some have speculated, that this thing was a shadow person. These entities are perceived by paranormal believers as a shadow of the living. These are different from ghosts, yet they seem to have the same gaseous type forms. This of course makes them difficult to detect. This trail camera, seems to have picked up enough of a silhouette outline seen in the first video.

Little Boy Scared By Shadow Fiend

There are numerous encounters with shadow people or shadow fiends. They are also perceived as being demons of some sort. Why these entities seem to latch onto certain individuals, is questionable. Perhaps these folks hold something significant to them, aside from being a source of energy or food source.

One person commented saying, that this kid was lucky that he didn’t get eaten or taken by this thing. The shadowy person, seems to have sneaked forward ever so slightly. How intelligent these things are is also unknown. If they are from another place or dimension even, then what we know in this world doesn’t apply.

Little Boy Scared By Invisible Force

Perhaps what makes them most scary is, they may blend into the shadows around them and other dark places. Imagine what might be lurking in your room at night, when the lights go out. If you feel something breathing on you, it might not be your wife or husband but something else entirely.

There are traditions and ancient beliefs of spirits coming to us in our dreams. Perhaps these things can even possess us somehow. Something like this is comparable to sleep paralysis, this is the temporary inability to move or speak while falling asleep or upon waking. Some people may not even be able to speak for a few seconds to minutes passing by. People have also reported the sensation of being choked, even though visually nothing was there around them that they could see.

To date, there are no reports of someone dying by a shadow fiend or from sleep paralysis. There hasn’t been any evidence yet to point to such a thing. Most if not all of this, is mere speculation. That being said, there is still much in our world in which we simply do not understand yet. The video was recently posted on the Scary Videos YouTube Channel.

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