U.K. Police Continue To Search For Person Dressed As 17th-Century Plague Doctor

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Whatever the intention was, it has rubbed people the wrong way. It seems that one person dressed up as a 17th-century plague doctor, has made headlines recently in the U.K. 

Police continue to search for this person, as they inadvertently have terrified and spooked locals who have gazed upon their spooky looking costume. The mysterious individual has been seen a few times over the last few weeks in a village area known as Hellesdon. 

17th Century Plague doctor UK Covid-19

They were seen wearing all black clothing including a hat, black cloak and beaked mask. Some think this was humourous while others were disturbed by the all-black costumed person. Video and pictures of the unidentified person were uploaded by Jade Gosbell online and later published by Storyful. 

This getup was made infamous back during the 17th century, as the plague spread across parts of Europe. During this time period, physicians tended to plague victims and were dressed from head to toe in comparable garments that included masks and long bird-like beaks. This particular look was first created by Charles de Lorme, a plague doctor who played a role in treating many European royals during the time.

One spokesperson from the Norfolk Police, said officers are continuing their efforts to track down who this person is. They are wondering what their actions will do to the community who are already upset over the covid-19 epidemic. 

Perhaps legal action will be taken but this is unknown yet. The police also stated that “no offenses have been committed at this time”. However, they are “keen to trace the individual in order to provide words of advice about the implications of his actions on the local community.” 

It might be difficult to find this person now that they have attracted so much attention online. They have seemingly vanished without a trace so far. 

(Source: Coast To Coast AM and CTV News)

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