Drunk belligerent monkey battles locals with kitchen knife

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Just when you think you’ve seen it all, something else comes along to shock you. Last year, in the country of Brazil, a rum guzzling monkey not only got loose, but grabbed a 12-inch kitchen knife.

After making its way to the top of a small rooftop (in what appears to be a part of a shed or storage unit) this monkey wastes no time, quickly dispatching holes in shingles located high above. This overhang, may have been a part of someone’s roof.

Drunk monkey steals knife freaking people out

People can be heard yelling, as they quickly became weary of what this monkey might do next. The monkey appeared to be confused and frustrated, perhaps after having so many drinks of this tasty rum.

The premise of this is both bizarre and oddly frightening to some. With a monkeys leaping ability, this one was wielding a weapon and who knows what it might have done next. Someone backed away, recording the monkey with their cell phone as seen in the video. It was suspected, the monkey got into some rum alcohol, that was either left out in the open or the monkey found it while snooping around inside of a local bar.

The monkey was being quite friendly, until he got his hands on the knife. From this point onward, the monkey became quite belligerent. Authorities reported that the monkey began chasing some grown men around the room, while wielding the knife. Who knows what the animal was thinking, but as with most animals, they can quickly become rather territorial.

With the monkey’s instincts, it leaped above onto this rooftop as seen in the video. This gave the little fellow, a better tactical advantage as he could see around him more easily. After several failed attempts at trying to reason with the monkey, the fire department apprehended it from its drunken stupor.

Drunk monkey stooper

Later, the monkey was taken away and placed into a nearby environmental reservation. Ironically, the monkey would later be removed from the reservation as well, after threatening some local children.

It seems this little monkey, truly enjoys monkeying around. Authorities later pondered the decision, to whether or not this monkey should be re-released again. It may or may not have been kept under supervised captivity later. Sometimes animals need a little bit of help after all.

One thing for sure is, this little fellow seems to have quite a temper—maybe a good monkey woman will help calm him down.

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