Cursed Crackhead Chases Down Car In Maryland

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Since the video was released, many have wondered what exactly happened on that night. It is believed that this took place somewhere in Maryland. One of the people in the car, was Ivan Williams, otherwise known as Lucci Da Boss. He is a rapper from Hyattsville, Maryland. 

Others have called this person running alongside their car a “goop head”. This is slang for someone high on PCP. They tend to act oddly in public places. The entire video is pretty bizarre and physically whoever or whatever was chasing after them on foot, didn’t appear human in some moments. 

Crackhead chases car

It is unknown how fast they were driving but this “person” kept up with them. They even had to speed away to get away from them. Curiously, moments later…they turn around to get another look at them. The man or monster, catches up with them and can be seen briefly on the drivers side of the vehicle. 

People think this was a naked man wearing glasses. It still doesn’t explain why his eyes were seen glowing, especially at the end of the video clip. Maybe it was only light reflection, but it is difficult to see or make out any further details. 

What makes it stranger, is how fast they were barefoot running along a paved road. Certainly, their adrenaline was going into overdrive sort of speak. Of course humans are only so fast on barefoot and certainly their eyes don’t glow normally like this, even with light shines upon them at night. 

Most people would likely react the way these people did. They were maybe a bit braver for turning around to get another look at this thing on the road. People on drugs like angel dust, have been known to keep coming at police officers after being shot down. 

Some drugs really are dangerous on so many levels. They seem to even give people superhuman strength in some moments. If this was a man, then he was out of his mind literally. If it was something else, then it still remains an unexplained mystery.

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