These Chicks Chase After Ghosts

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This all female team, mean serious business. They call themselves FPI (Female Paranormal Investigators). They use different gadgets to find anything and everything paranormal related, as they search for truth. Using science, knowledge and many unorthodox gadgets, these ladies are out to document and help those in need.

FBI Female Paranormal Investigators

They all share a bond with one another, they have a passion for the paranormal and it shows in their videos found on YouTube. Their leader Linda, is attuned to spiritual entities. She admits that she has always had both a fascination and fear of the paranormal.

Linda explained that she can see spirits and even hear them during certain moments. She might be considered a medium by some. In the past, she has seen different things including shadow people, full-bodied apparitions, hooded figures, children, animals and more. Among this, she has heard disembodied voices whispering in her ear as well.

While Linda has been through a lot, she has also survived cancer after going through sessions of chemotherapy. During this time in her life, connections with various spirits appeared to her. After facing the possibility that her own life would be ending soon, she decided to begin searching for the unknown and started chasing after ghosts. Ever since this time, she has been obsessed with the latest gadgets among other methods, to record any kind of paranormal activity.

Linda has a sister named Marilyn and just like her sister Linda, she seems to be a magnet for ghosts. Marilyn also battled cancer and survived. Determined to press forward and further develop her skills, she seeks out spirits and haunted locations. Marilyn explained there is a game that they all play called, “See It, Say It”. There is no denying both sisters share a bond with one another, they experienced many similar things so far in their lives.

Kaitlyn is a part of the team and she lives her life to the extreme. Perhaps she is a bit of a daredevil, as she is nearly fearless. Kaitlyn admits, she gets an adrenaline rush when she goes out to investigate. You never know what might happen while out in the field. Determined to find answers, she is the first one to rush into any situation. While others are too afraid to enter, Kaitlyn is ready, eager and able. She admits she is open to different divination methods but doesn’t always believe the results.

Kendal and Kelsey and twin sisters which gives them a unique perspective on things. They are considered the “Tech Twins”. Among being savvy with devices, they admit to be scared easy during their investigations. Both of them have felt cold touches on their bodies among hearing voices.

Since both of them are twins, it gives them a unique vantage point on things. While they are out in the field, they set up the equipment for an investigation and are the videographers. They also teach others how to use equipment as they search for more ways to document any kind of paranormal activity around them.

The connection this family has with one another is a unique and special one. They all share a passion and so far it has produced some very interesting results.

(Source: FPI Female Paranormal Investigators)

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